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How to get a Pre-Installed WordPress hosting with Free Setup

If you want to start blogging or just to build your blog on WordPress, you have to install the application on your server, and configure all the things for better performance. That’s the case when you have your own server.

But, you don’t have to do all that hard work if you host your site with Inmotion Hosting, it does not only come with Pre-installed WordPress, but also, it’s great and works. It’s optimized for PHP and MySQL to make things easy for you, and most important, to secure your blog and make it load lightning fast.

Pre-Installed WordPress for Beginners

The last couple of years, installing WordPress was a hard job. Even, if you follow the steps, you should make a mistake or simply, your installation will be broken by the server itself.

Nowadays, there is a one click auto installer software to use. The majority of the web hosting companies offers that function for free. But only Inmotion Hosting offer a full and ready to use WordPress site in seconds.

You just need to create your account, and check WordPress as your software to install, when you sign-up.

If you’re willing to create a blog or any other website on WordPress, that means no installation at all with this hosting. That will save you lots of time, and even, money when it comes to errors and things to set up later. Best of all, you get a free domain name to save money.

Also, they offer a completely free migration service for your website, and even, the domain name if you have it and want to use it there. In other words, this is the hosting that works better for WordPress, and also, for all the other applications without worrying about installations.

To get your pre-installed WordPress hosting, use the sign-up page, and then, select ”WordPress”, as the below screenshot example.

Pre-Installed WordPress hostingIf you need a help or want to ask for a specific plugin to install, they will help. Just use the live chat tool, or simply, call them by phone, or send a ticket and let them know about your case. They have one of the best customer support teams in the web hosting industry, and they have a long list of awards. Your website will be in good hands and you can start blogging or creating content the same day.

The community forum and the support area are the best places to find step by step tutorials, and to build your website. No matter what plugins or theme you want to install, just browse the articles. If you can find your tutorial that you’re looking for and it’s a rare case, then ask your question and shortly one of the community or the support team will answer the question.

Does it matter?

For experienced people who already use WordPress and know all the tricks and the settings to make the site works properly, the installation will not be a problem for them.

On the different side, beginners and people who use WordPress for the first time, the installation is a challenge in terms of security and success.

That’s why getting the application ready to use, and configured for free by an expert technician is the best choice for them.

Lots of beginners confuse between the location and the directories that they want to install the software on it. So, they think about easy setup, and then they found that the application was installed in the wrong location and not the root directory.

It’s just a simple example, where people can cause problems to themselves. When they can take the easy and professional way by using Inmotion Hosting, and getting all things ready to use for free, and without any additional fee like other services.

Exclusive SSD hosting

A few companies offer good service, especially, or WordPress. It needs lots of work and good coding knowledge to configure the server properly to handle the traffic. As I said many times, WordPress works better when you speed up the server and reduce the loading time as you can.

This professional web hosting goes further and offer a free SSD upgrade in all accounts. That means 20 fast execution time inside the server, and also, a better performance in every hosting account.

The Solid State Drives hosting optimize your site environment for speed, and it works better than the standard shared hosting. Of course, the company offers all the other upgrades like the VPS and the dedicated ones. I recommend starting with the shared account that works well.

Then, when you feel that your site receives thousands of visits per day, then upgrade to a VPS. The good thing about Inmotion Hosting is that all their servers are SSD, which means powerful infrastructure that help your site to load faster than any other hosting.

I hope that this helped to get your blog completely installed with Inmotion Hosting for free, and without wasting your time reading long tutorials.

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