How to Sell Items on Amazon FBA and Build a Real Business Online

There is no need to waste your time learning thousands of lessons about the Amazon business, all you have to do is to think like a seller and a buyer at the same time. If you take a look at some products that people sell there, you will find that the majority are easy to use, small in size, and cheap, at the same time.

You might think about shipping and all these hard things that you can’t monitor. So, what’s the truth about making money with Amazon, and how do professional sellers do it?

First, you need to know the Amazon FBA service, it’s the secret behind the success of thousands of people who make millions of dollars and not thousands. Yes, that seems like a huge income that even a CEO can’t get, but the work is not as hard as you expect.

But, success depends on your intelligence and the product that you want to sell. All the other things are nothing to consider really. Please note that this service is not available in some countries.

What’s the Amazon FBA?

The Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that makes life smarter, easier, and profitable for sellers. Unlike any other method, you can sell physical products from around the world, even, without touching them. However, I recommend buying the product from a supplier first and testing it personally before selling it to people. That’s honest and the best way to start. I can organize the full process in the following steps.

  1. Create an account with the Amazon FBA program
  2. Search for the top-selling products with low competition
  3. Search for suppliers who can ship the product
  4. Send the product from the supplier to Amazon directly
  5. Let Amazon sell and cheap your products to your customers
  6. Wake up in the morning and see good news in your income report

Now, let’s make things easier and look inside every step.

Selling Items on Amazon

Find top-selling Amazon products

You should not only search for products that people buy every day but also, that can make you a good profit. Luckily, Mark Ling who is a super affiliate created with top Amazon millionaires a list of top 20 most profitable Amazon niches in 2015 with guaranteed success. The list was created based on these criteria.

  1. Highs sales volume
  2. Acceptable price for buyers and sellers
  3. Low completion
  4. You can add your own brand to it
  5. Have a good number of reviews below 1000.

So, what these criteria result is the following top 20 hot niches on Amazon.

  1. Toy Hammock
  2. Portable USB charger
  3. Adjustable phone holder
  4. Antiviral face mask
  5. Probiotic supplement capsule
  6. Water bottle cleaning brush
  7. Flameless tea light candles
  8. Flameless candle
  9. Vegetable Cutter
  10. French Press
  11. Velvet Hangers
  12. Fleece pet pad
  13. Oven safe containers
  14. Bicycle light
  15. Interlocking exercise Mat
  16. Microfiber Yoga mat towel
  17. Tactical belt
  18. Microfiber cleaning cloth
  19. Bungee cord set
  20. Pruning shears

Search the product type on Amazon and see what you can learn from their prices. You will find that they’re selling like hotcakes, and best of all, they’re not expensive. Also, the number of sales per day that the top seller generates, ranges from hundreds to thousands of items.

In the lower case, there are dozens of sales every day. Make some math, calculate the sales income, and find your profit when you buy products at a cheap price and sell them with profit.

Search wholesale suppliers

You shouldn’t pick any supplier, but those with whom you can add your brand to the product. Private label wholesale manufacturers are what you need.

I highly recommend Salehoo as the best place on the web to find a legitimate and trusted wholesale supplier. They have thousands of manufacturers and millions of products that you can buy at cheap prices and then sell with good profit.

genuine wholesale suppliersIf you use the above-recommended place, you will find the exact products that make you money. They’ve been testing all those companies and they optimized everything for you.

On the other hand, if you want to find a few retailers, you will need lots of time and hope that you will not be scammed. You can use Alibaba, it’s bigger than eBay and you can find great prices from China and all other countries that sell wholesale items.

when you create your seller account with Amazon, they will send you the address and details to cheap your products there. So, use that address and send it to the supplier. They will ship the products to Amazon.

Product designs, covers…

Remember that you need to add great photos to your product listing. Keep it professional and hire someone who can create the logo, the design, and other needed things. Add at least 10 photos from different angles, and show your customers how the product will look exactly.

The more details you add in photos, the better for you. You can also ask the manufacturer to send you their product photos if you want. But, testing the product is the best way to have an idea about it.

List your product on Amazon

Amazon lets you list your items and choose between two accounts. The first one is the ”individual seller” which allows you to sell up to 40 items per month. Amazon takes a small fee for every sale.

The second account is the ”professional seller” with unlimited sales, but, with monthly fixed fees, other fees apply. Just create the appropriate account for your business.

The next step is to create the product name, it should be easy to read and attractive. See how the seller lists their items and follows their methods. Add your product name in the description and optimize it for a better ranking in the search.

Starting a business with Amazon

If you follow these simple steps, you should build a successful Amazon business as a seller. But, keep in mind that you need an investment to buy the product in the beginning. Start with cheap prices and buy some 40, or so items, and test the designs and the photos.

Now, it’s time to share this post with your friends and help them to learn more about starting a business that succeeds.

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