Which are the Best Themes for WordPress, and Why?

Recently, I was testing a theme to find what it can do for speed and performance. Unfortunately, it was poorly optimized for everything, when the seller says, it’s optimized and all those things. Anyway, I thought about people who might find difficulties choosing the right theme for their WordPress sites, and it’s better to tell them what framework they should use.

WordPress needs a fast server before everything. And if you can, optimize the hosting and add the best tools to cache and speed up web pages. That’s the only way to offer a better user experience, and even, help your site to rank better in Google and other search engines.

What makes StudioPress themes the best?

In my experience, StudioPress themes are what every blogger and site owner needs. It’s not a matter of premium products only, but, if you test the designs using different frameworks, you will notice that Genesis performs better and loads faster than all the others.

The only issue with these themes is that you need a little patience to make them look exactly as you want exactly. That’s why Genesis developers are the most popular designers in comparison with all the other frameworks.

The reason for that is simple, the Genesis child themes that you can find on different sites, and marketplaces are clean, professional, secure, and, most importantly, customizable.

When I say security, I mean protecting the theme from PHP execution, and another source of danger like JavaScript that can be used to harm your site ranking, and even hack your site completely.

Luckily, StudioPress is the only company right now that takes the security of the themes seriously. Of course, some other companies offer different levels of protection, but, if you spend some time looking inside the code, you will find lots of errors, and that can be a big problem in web browsers.

What about the framework?

To understand why these are the ideal themes, test one in your browser and insect element to find the warnings and errors at the bottom of the window. Within different tests, it seems that Genesis is clean and loads fast.

In some cases, you can get one or two warnings, and that can be a result of a wrong CSS modification that you’ve made, or even a server issue that blocks some resources.

On the other side, if you test any other theme, especially those that come with advanced control panels,  you will notice lots of errors. In many cases, all looks red, and that can harm your site’s SEO in the long term.

Creating professional WordPress themes is not easy, it needs patience and a strong framework before everything. The themes must follow the latest Google guidelines and apply the SERP best practices and other things.

That’s why these recommended themes are a little expensive in comparison with other themes, but remember that the quality beats the quantity, and that’s what makes their designs popular and sell like hotcakes.

The new web design industry focuses on simplicity, but also, professionalism, at the same time. HTML5, for example, should be used in your theme, or it will look outdated, and the majority of modern web browsers will return a long list of errors.

It’s not an option, but a must-have language in your theme. It’s the latest coding language that optimizes the website for better crawling and indexing.

Which themes to use for WordPress

The best part of Genesis is the freedom of customization. You can add or delete any part of the options, extend the layout with your own functions, and so on. Unlike any other framework, you don’t need a coder to modify things.

The online community is larger than at any time before, just type any function that you want to add in Google search, and you will get thousands of results and tutorials.

If you need to customize themes without coding, you can use any Genesis plugin that works like a professional coder.

When you install any StudioPress theme, you should first install the parent Framework, and that makes things easier. We all know that creating a child theme is a way to speed up the site, and that’s what makes the theme fast, but also, remember the lightweight themes, and the well-coded structure.

Responsive themes look better on different devices, especially mobile phones. Remember that Google prefers optimized layouts, and if you have an ugly site on smartphones, then, you’re making things unclear, and even harmful. All these themes are fully responsive, and that’s an extra feature that can easily help rank websites.

To be up to date is a way to secure your blog and protect the content. Lots of themes come with amazing control panels, but, when a new update is available. You should reinstall the theme again, and that can be a hard job for high-traffic sites.

The smallest downtime costs them money, and when the layout looks broken, because of an error, things become problems in a matter of seconds.

With the Genesis child themes, forget all these problems and mistakes. Everything will be updated instantly, and you don’t have to do any installations. Just click the update link notification, and it’s done instantly.

The same thing applies to the framework; when a new update is available, you get a notification in your WordPress dashboard, and you just have to click a button.

As you can see, the StudioPress themes are not only the best choice for WordPress but also, the most popular themes, especially, in successful blogs and sites. All of them use that famous framework, and it participates in their success in the end.

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