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If you’re looking for professional e-learning and course management system, and you’ve found many of them, then, this post will give you an idea about the only advanced and most powerful one of them. It’s not a simple theme that you can download and install on your website. It was built to solve all the problems and issues that teachers and students have.

The best thing about this advanced learning system is that you don’t have to install or add any plugin to extend it, it comes with lots of installed premium plugins with unique features.

The WPLMS learning management system gives you and your members all the power of WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress, and WooCommerce functions. You can turn your simple blog or website into an advanced system that you never tried before.

It protects your learning management system website, information, data, and all the internal connections between you and your students and adds extra functions.

WordPress Learning management System

We’re in the year 2015, and things change faster than before. This is why HTML5 and CSS3 are not an option like a few months later. If you want to stay up to date and avoid issues when users with modern browsers visit your website.

You need to have the same advanced language and CSS that their browsers use. This theme was built with HTML5 and CSS3 to be modern and speed at the same time.

Teachers can create courses and quizzes for students

With this professional WordPress learning management theme, you can create courses and even sell them if you want, your students will get all the function they need to learn and evaluate themselves. At the same time, they get detailed questions and answers. The quiz is the best way to evaluate the knowledge of your students. You can create quizzes with a timeline and a timer.

When the time expires the quiz will be submitted automatically, then, both get detailed result statistics.

WordPress e-Learning System

Sometimes you need to restrict courses for some members, for their level membership or others. This system lets you manage who can see and access any single course you have.

Thus, you have total control and advanced management function for your team, students, and files. Your website will include an auto messaging system notification to stay in touch with your members.

Create your custom learning store

Because this is the best online course WordPress theme, you get a full system that lets you build stores and sell courses. In a few clicks, you can add any type of store you want. At the same time, you can create a store with single or multiple courses, and set the membership level who can access that store and buy from it. If you have lots of courses including videos, PDF, and another format.

You can set them by groups and get the best organization to let students browse them easily, and find what they need exactly without the need to send you a support message about any products.

Lots of customization options

To make your WordPress online learning theme amazing, and good-looking as you expect, you get many advanced animation options. In CSS format only you get up to 15 different animations, your theme includes a ready translation system. If you need to teach and communicate in different languages, with your students you get all of that installed in your WordPress e-learning theme, by default.

You can also use your own custom widget through the system, all the popular social network icons, and widgets are included and ready to use in your website sidebar or any other location.

To customize and add functions to your website, you need just to access your control panel and upload your own logo and favicon, set colors, header, footer, etc…

learning management plugin

The best part of this WordPress course management system is that you can create your own pages and layout, using the advanced drag and drop page builder. It lets you create any page layout you want in a few clicks.

Please remember that this theme comes with custom plugins build exclusively to work for this learning system and make it easy with functions, but powerful in coding and protection.

This is not the best WordPress theme for online courses, you can find other designs and functions, but this is the most advanced and the one that comes with all the tools and options you need.

A theme with advanced features and powerful plugins just for websites that connect teachers and students is not an easy task. This is why you should take a look and try this great theme and see how it works in the live demo.

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