How to Promote Your Infographics Correctly and Get Noticed

Web content started with text, but, these days, visual content has become popular and also important. The companies that design these types of content make millions of dollars in a single year. However, things are completely different for people without resources and investment, to promote their portfolios and get noticed.

So. I will make things easy for you, and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay any money to be a popular infographics designer and make a real income. Just follow these simple steps.

Create few infographics

Unlike any other business online, infographics are your main weapon. You can use them to attract customers and big companies who work with you, but, that needs some smart work. The first thing that you need is well-created designs that look professional that people will share.

Of course, you can’t force people to share them, but, you can maximize the chances if you work on that. People look for something eye-catching, exciting, and informative. After all, you should send your message through visual content, and make sure to verify your statistics and make everything as official, as possible.

There are thousands of sources to find information online. You have to be smart when reading and selecting articles and details. At the same time, be careful with Wikipedia articles. In many cases, the wrong information is provided, and it’s better to do a simple search on different sites and compare the results.

Create a website

It’s not a secret that successful designers and infographic sellers have their own blogs, and the majority of them post frequently. You have to start a blog on WordPress, it’s the best blogging platform, and there is no need for any coding skills.

The blog can be a part of the website, where, you share posts. The next step will be creating a page about yourself, telling the world what you want from them, and what you can offer. This is not a commercial website or store, but, your personal blog that people from other sites will find and read.

One article per week is not hard. Post about your design passion and talk about some details that every infographic should have. It’s a way to build good content that makes people want to link to your site, and even, buy custom infographics in the future.

All this is your online presence, don’t follow the wrong ways that people have used. They just contribute to sites and then link to their social profiles and not sites. In the end, they wasted lots of customers and readers if they linked to the site.

Start promoting

This is the most important step, you have the product, you have the online presence through a blog, and you can start promoting your skills. Believe it or not, infographics that are unique and amazing are what popular sites are looking for, as content.

You can submit exclusive infographics for a well-known blog or magazine, tell them that you will offer it for free, and exclusively for them, and add your link in the credit section. If you want to go further, ask them to add the link in the text area.

By the way, Google will not see your designs, but, it can read your text. So, add some 400 words or so, at least, in the beginning, and it will be better if you get a link from that section.

Repeat the same process with a couple of high authority sites and never offer your content for new sites. You need to be noticed, and the big sites are the best platforms to work with. After some weeks, you should notice a big improvement in your blog site authority and traffic.

The best part is that you will receive some emails from people who love the designs and want something similar. So, prepare yourself for that, and add a checkout system to your website. Make things secure with SSL, and it will be better if you verify your PayPal account with a credit card and a bank account.

Show your creativity with Behance

If you really want to show your skills, then, create a free account with Behance. It’s the best place to meet creative designers from around the world. But also, to get great jobs from companies.

Companies look for creativity and not diplomas. They want to see an example of your work. Just follow what other people make there, add your account information, and set up everything. That will be your page that people visit, and even, share.

People can like, share, and comment on your designs, and that’s what makes them popular and appear in search engine search results. This is the best way to show what you can do, in parallel with your own website or blog.

Behance is a company owned by the famous Adobe System. So, there is no worry about their trust. You will be amazed by the creativity of people and what they can offer. Learn from them, and you will get emails and offers like never before.

It’s just a matter of time and skills. A few infographics posted in that community can make you famous there, and the result will be working with popular companies, for example. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and others find their designs on that website.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend money, and also, you don’t need to waste your time on the wrong sites. Just follow these simple steps, lots of people have used this easy strategy, and now, they are successful designers.

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