Tips for Buying and Selling Domain Names

Hundreds of thousands of domain names are sold every day. No one can control what happens in real-time, but statistics show that people make more intention to domaining in the few last years. This is normal when we take a look at the very fast growth in the internet market. But, the challenge here is how to get tips for buying and selling domain names.

Today, I will share some of the best tips for buying and selling domain names to help you find your way without risks and issues.


Before buying a domain name, you must follow the next steps to have an idea about that domain and make an approximate value. (Please note, I won’t recommend any one of the so-called, domain value checkers, they give wrong statistics, poor software won’t give you real value).

Domain Dough is a Recommended Step by step guide to making money with domain names. It’s a recommended Step by step guide to making money with domain names.

1. Monthly Traffic

The first thing to investigate on a domain name traffic is by checking its statistics from the Alexa website. But, in most cases, you won’t find any data there, because the domain is parked for months or years, and it’s normal to get zero statistics.

If the domain is not parked and it’s in use, you can get an idea about the estimated number of visitors per month. The Alexa graph gives an approximate idea for websites in the first 100K rank, but with a low Alexa traffic rank, you can’t really have a good idea.

2. Backlinks from different domains

Don’t focus your search only on backlinks, thousands of domains use fake links just to be sold. So, be careful when it comes to links, you can use these best backlink checker tools to get an idea about how many links a domain name has.

Now, if you want to buy a domain name, it’s better to have at least hundreds of quality backlinks from different domains, to make sure that the domain seller doesn’t use fake links. Just divide the number of links by the total number of referring domains, You can get a clear idea about that with Semrush.

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If you find that the backlinks come from one single domain, you need to take a look if it’s an active website or not, because some people will park their not used domains to link domains just to be sold, in general, if you find 1000 backlinks from 500 unique domain name, it will be fine and good to buy it.

3. Anchor Text

Links with different anchor texts will add real value to the domain name. It indicates the topics related to the website, and you can even find the distribution of links and anchor text easily with Semrush. Domains with thousands of links with anchor text will attract intention and sold for thousands.

4. Google Page Rank (no more useful)

Page rank is not a real factor to buy or sell a domain, the traffic is the most important one, but page rank with keywords can also help. The problem with page rank is the outdated data, Google updated the rank twice in the year 2013, but you won’t get a clear idea about a domain name through page rank only.

New domains even with good quality content won’t get a page rank in the first 3 to 6 months, so link the page rank with the domain age to make an idea.

One of the best tools to get fresh domains with page rank is “Expired Domains”, you can register for free and check the expired list from time to time. They have good tools to refine your search, I recommend searching for domains with green page rank only.

Domains with red rank are fake, so be careful about that, even, the site owner gives you a tool to exclude fake page rank from the search, you need to exclude the unsure page rank also. Thus, you get only verified domains with real page rank.

5. Domain name history

This is not just a way to look at the domain archive, but to protect yourself from a Google penalty, and spammers. Sometimes, domain names can be created for illegal activities, so be careful and investigate the domain that you want to buy. Just go to and search for the domain, browse some pages from the last years to make sure all things are good.

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6. Google indexed Pages

A domain without Google indexed pages will worth nothing. Pages in the Google index will bring traffic with little effort, you have to make sure that your domain is indexed by Google. The more indexed pages, the more you get traffic with a domain. This is not an exact factor, sometimes you find domains with thousands of indexed pages but with very low traffic

To find a domain indexed pages, just type in Google ad search.

7. Domain Age

Aged domain names will be trusted by Google and other search engines, but also, they get intention from people. A domain with 10 years is not the same as one other created in the last 3 months, if you are a buyer or a seller, the domain age is something that adds value, especially, with active domains.

To find the website age, you need to check the Whois tools, I recommend Domain Tools to find who owns the domain, if possible, and when exactly it was created with other useful details.

8. Domain Keyword

I’ve used keywords and not keywords for one reason, a domain with a single keyword like cars will get real, and good value, but another one with a full phrase of keywords won’t get the intention. So focus on domains with two or three words as a maximum and not exceeded the 16 characters in length. That will help to sell the domain, and if you’re a buyer think the same.

These are the most important things to look for when buy or sell domain names, just follow them all and you will avoid fake domain name data and business, if you have other tips for buying and selling domain names, we’ll be glad to hear from you and add them, this will help people.

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