Today, I was browsing a website when I received an email from a friend asking for some SEO companies that he can hire, and what’s the best one among them. At the same time, He showed me a fantastic page with lots of information, videos and testimonials and so on. The big problem is that the blog he mentioned is popular and known as top SEO experts.

Be careful with SEO companies

This is one thing that you need to keep in mind, these companies started as link builders with low quality links, and today, they are making the web more spammy with lots of things that no one will accept.

Of course, there is always an exception. There are a few companies that work well and they honest, and trusted. But the big problems are that these good SEO companies can’t represent even 2% of the whole SEO market that is spam.

To be honest with you as usual, you don’t need SEO companies or experts anymore. That’s thanks to the last Google’s updates, and I hope that the next update eliminates the bad sites completely from the web. They send thousands of emails to everyone they find online and ask for a link.

If you’re a new blogger who reads lots of stories about them, you will accept immediately, and in a few days you will lose your blog forever and your business also.

Now, what to do? As I said, before doing anything, visit the page where any SEO guy talks about his old works and how people love him (I mean how he lie and ask people to love him for money). Forget what he say and the whole “bla bla bla” and visit one of the sites that used his services.

Then, simply click your Alexa extension in your browser, and you will be surprised in 90% of cases, yes, unfortunately.

You will find that these sites are ranked below the 1 million in the Alexa and you know what that means? Their sites receive something like 5 unique persons per day.

So, people will pay thousands of dollars for these SEO companies who build fake links just to put their site at the end of the Alexa traffic with no visitors and value. Is that an SEO?

They’ve changed the SEO for the worst

SEO is simply an optimization for search engines and not link building and other things that make Google rank low quality sites in the first page during months. Business owner forgets that they need an SEO help to make their sites clean, clear, and understandable by search engines.

If they have a good content, absolutely, they will rank higher, if not, they will hire so-called “SEO Expert” to manipulate the Google algorithm, but luckily, things will be difficult for them in the near future. Actually the web content becomes less spam than the last few years, when a website can rank in the first page in a few days and with links only.

If you’re a new blogger, or a business owner who needs quality and create content that makes the web better and help people, then, you don’t have to worry about SEO anymore.

What ranks now is the good content, that’s relative because we see some low-quality sites ranks well for their thousands of links. But, today or tomorrow, links will lose their weight, simply because they are not the factor that will rank 100 of the good content.

Yandex, the Russian search engine eliminated links completely from their algorithm, but only in the Moscow’ search area, and that’s a significant change in the new web world. They simply started that experimental test because lots of companies buy links and work hard to manipulate the system.

Google will do the same in the next years and that’s not just words, but it will be a reality that links will not be any more a ranking factor.

It’s just like the real life if a person knows famous artist, for example, that never means, you should follow that person. Google sees backlinks as votes and that’s what makes SEO companies playing every day. It’s just a matter of time and things will be changed.

At the same time. Google updates the algorithm, and that’s good to fix things. When you are building content and not links, you’re doing the right job and people will link to you, but you need to be patient, at the same time.

Lot’s of people think that Google is not supporting small business and that’s completely wrong. Even if you have a small blog, you have the chance to rank before big brands if you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines, and you have the best content that people look for.

Forget what old bloggers are saying, because they’ve built their business, when Google was sleeping, and now, things are changing.

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