We all use Gmail and sometimes we regret lots of spelling or errors in the emails, and we can’t get them back to correct the problem. Luckily, Google added an option that lets you unsend emails in Gmail, after a few moments, and actually the maximum is 10 seconds by default.

However, we will make it 30 seconds, and that’s not the time we want, but it can save us from lots of issues in the future.

Actually, you can’t unsend emails after an hour or something more. This function is configurable for the future emails, and you can start it, by logging into your Gmail account, and then, click the parameter icon at top left, and then click “Settings” as the following screenshot example.

how to unsend an email in GmailNow, you need the “labs” tab where Google adds experimental tests, and new functions to make things better. Just click on “Labs” at the top of the page as the next example.

how to Unsend Gmail email

On the new “Labs” page, scroll down and you will find a function called “Undo Send”. Enable it by checking the box and scroll down to save changes by clicking the “Save Changes” button.

Undo Send in Gmail

After saving the changes, your next emails will be set on sending option during 10 seconds, with an option to make them back and set the things you’ve missed. Or, just cancel the message that you’ve sent in your Gmail.

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Now, the default used email period is juts 10 seconds, and we need to make it 30 seconds, as it’s the maximum time that they allow. So, click the gear icon again at the top left of the page, and then, click “Settings” exactly as the example above.

Then, in “General settings”, scroll down until you find the option that you’ve enabled called “Undo Send” just after “Send and Archive” options as it looks like in the following screenshot example.

Undo Send

Finally, scroll down and save the changes and your next emails can be canceled after 30 seconds as a maximum. You will see the option link  at the top of the page, just after sending any email. Then when the 30 seconds expires, the link will be disappeared automatically.

As you can see, this option is on an experimental period. That will not solve problems for the messages that you’ve sent in the past, but, make sure in the future to check your emails at least, once, to avoid those situations where the wrong word can change the entire email topic completely, or make confusions in same cases.

It’s better that you test your new options by sending a test email and click the Undo options just after you’ve sent it, That will make things easier and you can verify if that option works correctly for you or not.

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