Best WordPress Sales Page Plugin: Build Responsive Pages in Minutes

The WordPress flexibility lets you build amazing landing pages, and customize them as you want. But, when it comes to professional sales page builders, not all the tools are helpful. Some plugins come with basic functions and poor coding. And some others are just a waste of time, and you can even, find some tools with illogical prices.

The best WordPress sales page plugin is not only coding and functions, but much more features. It’s a tool that offers all the building tools to create high-quality pages, but, at cheap prices that suit your needs, and makes life easier.

Today, I’ll show you the greatest plugin to build your own landing, squeeze, and sales pages in a few moments. The result will be better than all the other plugins that the others are using.

Professional landing and sales page WordPress plugin

You can install Instabuilder and solve all the problems of attractive pages that convert better and loads faster. This is a quality WordPress plugin developed by professional designers and marketers. Those programmers have experience and already trusted by bloggers and affiliate marketers all over the world.

This sales page generator tool gives you all the needs and the options to create what the other marketers can’t. In simple steps, the page will look professional and optimized for speed and SEO.

Best WordPress Sales Page Plugin

This is a powerful WordPress sales page plugin that comes with over 70 templates to use and start customizing them. That way, people don’t find themselves in the need to start from scratch. These optimized templates are well designed and organized for better clicks and conversions.

Of course, every sales page needs some eye-catching boxes, graphics, and visual effect, and that’s what the plugin offer. Also, you can upload your own photos and graphics and add them to your designs.

When you need to create a mix between videos, graphics, paragraphs, and even sounds, the plugin is already optimized for that. A few plugin creators understand the relation between the web design, the colors, layout, and the user experience that will affect the conversion later.

If you’ve tried some other tools, you might find big issues in their designs. It’s not a matter of photos and buttons, but also, a clean code that reflects the page beauty and makes it better.

The plugin comes with advanced functions like the exit pop-up functions. It shows a message or an action after a video or when the user wants to exit the page. You can create a special discount, or offers, for example. That will keep the visitors interested and browse more of your products or offers.

Unlike many other squeeze and sales page builder plugins, Instabuilder creates fully responsive pages, and you don’t need any settings or optimization options. All the sales pages that you will create will look professional on mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.

The new SEO takes the mobile-friendly sites into consideration, and that’s why webmasters already started optimizing their sales pages for smartphones and tablets. Luckily, the plugin saves lots of time and effort, when it comes to mobile optimization and professionalism.

Responsive Sales Page

Social media become a real source of traffic and sales for thousands of marketers and business owners. If your sales page is from the classic generation, where nothing is optimized for speed, and conversion, you will lose money for small mistakes that you can easily avoid.

InstaBuilder is the only professional WordPress plugin that lets you add social share buttons to your pages, and build successful sales pages in a few clicks.

At the same time, you can let Facebook users subscribe using their profiles, and that’s will bring more traffic and backlinks to your website. Every time a user sign-up for your offer using a Facebook account, the plugin can post your offer link on his profile, with helpful information and a thumbnail.

WordPress sales page builder

Imagine if you have thousands of Facebook users who subscribe to your offer. Their friends will see your links in their timeline, and that’s what will bring viral marketing to your business. That means thousands of links and more traffic from Facebook users.

That’s not all, this sales page builder tool, lets you add the Facebook, and the Disqus commenting system to your page. That’s what brings more interactions with people who need to ask a question or share something.

InstaBuilder comes with an autoresponder integration. So, you can add your Aweber, iContact, MailChimp, and the other popular email marketing service providers. For better optimization, you have a split-testing tool to make different versions of the same sales page. Then, see what’s the version that performs better, and select it in the end. Testing is one of the marketing strategies to optimize the content for better conversions.

I recommend this WordPress squeeze page plugin for professionals who need the quality tool to create amazing sales pages that work, and never slow down the site loading time like many other tools.

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