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Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins to Use in 2019

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For many people, the landing page is only a way to promote their products, and that’s it. But, for successful entrepreneurs and marketers, the landing page is their main source of the power. It can take their business to the sky, or, on the other direction, it can destroy it with useless designs.

So, I’ve decided to share some of the best WordPress landing page plugins that you can install and use in total security. Best of all, they come with all the needed features to create professional designs in minutes.

Top landing page plugins for WordPress

1. Instabuilder

If you’re looking for a professional plugin to build landing pages, sales pages, and all the related design, then, this will be the perfect choice without a doubt. Personally, I prefer using this tool to save time, and get the same quality that you can get when hiring a designer. But, this time with a cheap price and you have a total control.

Unlike the free tools, this one lets you add any content to your pages. For example, people can insert videos, images, tables, and everything else with one click of the button.

The plugin comes with premium quality features, such as, the exit redirect, the countdown timer, and the Facebook opt in. At the same time, you get a full responsive design and no work is required to make your pages user-friendly and SEO optimized. Also, there are the social media sharing buttons, and much more options to build the best landing pages.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

2. WordPress Landing Pages

I’ve used this plugin and tested the functions, it works well and it creates high-quality designs. I loved the visual editor that makes things better. If you can play with drag and drop options, you will be able to build your own landing page in minutes.

Another great feature is that you can add the field information automatically, like the name, of the visitor. Of course, this works for registered users, and you can control everything from the plugin settings.

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You don’t need to install tracking plugins, or even, adding codes. The plugins come with its own tracking system that show you the landing age and all the statistics. The split testing is the best part, just create some variations of your page, and let the plugin track the pages for some days.

Then, decide which design works better and continue with it, based on the result. By the way, it works with your actual theme, so, you don’t even need any extra theme.

3. Ultimate Landing Page

This is one of the popular plugins, it can be used easily, and with a few clicks, the landing page will be ready to publish. However, as it’s a free plugin, the features are limited, but, what you need is there. I recommend this free tool for beginners, and even, professionals who look for fast ways to build their pages without wasting the time with options.

You can integrate this plugin, especially, with the gravity forms. That way, adding custom fields and designs will be much easier.

 4. Parallax Gravity

This is another good plugin to use. It comes with great options, you can install your Google Analytics code to track the visits. The design is fully responsive, and it looks good for mobile devices and desktops.

You can add the landing page, as the homepage if you want. However, avoid that if you if you have lots of content and you want to help your SEO.

The parallax animation is another option to use, it makes the CSS better and you can add your custom code if you want. Just make sure that everything is looking, well and avoid using many colors. The best design is the one that people read easily without complications.

Tips for better landing pages

To create the pages that convert better, you should focus on the user experience first, and test the design overtime. But, the only thing that you should avoid is to add lots of content, that will lower the conversion.

Of you course, you can optimize your landing page by asking questions, and let visitors curious about the story, or the product. To get the best opt-in rate, make the content in the center of the page, and use catchy deadline.

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Use two colors as a maximum and never let the user scroll down to read the page, you need a short paragraph to boost the conversion. In other words, put yourself in your visitors place, and ask yourself what can improve your landing page conversions. You will find great ideas if you ask a friend, for example to suggest changes.

Also, don’t over do the split testing, it’s created to find the ideal designs and layout. But, if you spend all the time testing, things won’t be good for you. Take it easy and go with a few tests and find a final conclusion about your designs.

Of course, the speed, is important and it’s recommended to have a premium WordPress hosting like WP Engine that speed up the site and offer amazing user experience. If you have something to add, please use the below comment section.

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