Best 3 SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2019

Building a good WordPress website with a content that people and search engines love is not an easy job if you’re a beginner. However, there are many plugins to install that can help you to focus on your content and work less on SEO.

They add warnings for the things that you need to correct, and even, you can work better than before. The real problem is how to find the best search engine optimizations plugin for WordPress? There are lots of them, and it can be a challenge to select the one that work.

In this post, I’ll show you the top list of these top rated plugins, and of course, the best of them firstly.

Top WordPress SEO plugins

1. SEO Pressor

This is the best WordPress SEO plugin, thousands of sites and blogs use it, and it’s cheaper than many tools. Of course, this is also a checklist SEO tool, but, with many additional features to help you optimize your content and make it better.

The plugin helps to avoid the ever optimizations, such as, the keyword stuffing, and many other mistakes that people can’t notice.

Also, you can optimize your images automatically, by enabling the right optimization function. For social networking, this plugin adds the metadata, and the Facebook open graph with the Twitter card, will boost your ranking if you have a good content.

The LSI keywords, is another feature that this premium SEO WordPress plugin includes. It’s a list of synonyms to help you diversify your keywords in the full articles, and make it clean from repetitions and other mistakes.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress


2. WordPress SEO

There is no doubt that WP SEO by Yoast has been a great SEO plugin for years. It’s easy to use, and it offers a smart checklist to achieve, if possible. At the same time, it lets you create your own post or page description.

That way, you can create a custom search engine snippet as you want, and optimize the post for people and Google.

The best thing about this plugin is that you can create a custom post title for search engines. Furthermore, you can add your own descriptions for Facebook users and that will be shown when people share your posts. Google Plus is also available to create the description and more.

You can also use the XML sitemap feature and submit your latest blog posts automatically to search engines and update them.

There is another function that cleans up the head section of your site and make it error-free, and that helps in the total ranking. Another feature is that this SEO plugin creates powerful and optimized Breadcrumbs if you want.

 3. SEO Blog Kahuna

This is a well-known plugin like that above ones, but, it’s good and even, with exclusive features like analyzing the exact placement for your keyword for better results. It displays the ranking of the keyword that you target in search engines, directly from your dashboard. This is a plugin with helpful SEO suggesting, and it never bold, or make changes to your posts.

These are not the only WordPress SEO plugins, but, the ones that I’ve used in the past, or that I’m using right now. They are ranked by features, and you can use any one of them to get real help optimizing your posts and pages.

Unlike other plugins, these ones never change your content like underlining your keywords, or making them bold. Best of all, they follow the latest Google guidelines and recommendations. So, you can be confident about their tips and optimizations.

These are good solutions for search engine optimization, but remember that you have to create a good content and never violate the Google and the other search engines guidelines.

SEO is only to help crawlers understand your content and rank it in the right place. However, when you use these plugins without real and helpful content, it’s like wasting your time. So, work and you will get good results later, it’s all about patience and using the right tools.

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