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Photos and videos real time effects app for iPhone & Android

If you want to add real-time effects to photos or videos on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you might find lots of applications. But, none of them will work on the quality that you need, and the security that never affects your performance.

In this post I’ll show you the best applications to use for photos and video editing in real-time. It’s like a full studio that you can use anywhere on the go.

Best real-time effects application

The Power Cam is an app that lets you add over 1000 effects to your photos and videos when, and after you take them. There is no need to waste your time with other tools that never work professionally. Lots of applications come with poor quality resolutions and that risk the whole photos or video quality.

With this amazing and premium app, your photos will look professional, as any real studios that spend millions of dollars in physical technology, when you get all that in your applications easily.

Tilt-Shift effects

Real Time Effects app

This is the only professional application to create high-quality videos and apply effect in real-time. That means, you modify and adjust videos when you’re recording. Then, you can add changes when you want, and on any section of your full movie.

The tilt shift lets you focus on a specific zone of the photo and make it featured. It’s a power in focus functions that make photos and videos like the Hollywood ones, but, from your iPhone or Samsung mobile this time. The application comes with smart timer, so, you can set the exact time to take the photos or to start recording.

Color Splash Effect

This is the function that I enjoy using, it’s the effect that lets you change the background of any photo in real-time. Or, simply change the color of the object that you want to capture, with your own colors and effects. The color selector lets you use unlimited colors and add them in real-time to the background, or the object itself.

Color Splash effect for iPhone

These are just two of the other effects, including, but not limited to:

  • Retro-sheik
  • Animated Styles
  • Tap to Sketch
  • Color Overload
  • Funhouse Mirror
  • Picture-in-Picture and much more…

The best thing is that the app comes with powerful frames to use when capturing photos. In a few seconds, your photos will be integrated in a professional frame or any of the craft templates that make it amazing.

When you have a video or a photo that looks as you want, with real-time effects, you can start sharing it. This time, you don’t have to upload or download any tools to share your photos, all you have to do is to use the integrated social sharing functions like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and even, Tumblr. Or simply, you can send them via email.

iOS and Android real time effects

Power Cam is the professional Android and iOS application that makes creating high-quality photos and videos, easy and fast. Normally, if you use other tools, you will spend hours and hours learning how they work, to find that your photos will never look like what you want in the end. The same thing applies for videos.

Luckily, you can forget all those problems with this app, and start amazing your friends and get more intension to your social accounts, with amazing photos and videos that no one else can create, with the same quality and exclusive effects.

The application is lightweight and never affect the device performance like other tools. It works professionally, even, if you have no idea about editing photos and videos. All you need is to apply one of the real-time effects, then adjust them as you need and finally share them with your friends, or just save them.

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