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Best osCommerce Templates for Online Stores in 2019

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There are many ways to create an online store and sell your items without issues. But if you’re one of the people who use the famous osCommerce builder and hosting, you need to make things professional with the best osCommerce templates that makes the design better.

The reason behind the success of many online stores that use these amazing layouts and designs is the psychology of the design. Many services offer these designs, however, only one that’s called Template Monster is the only place to find these high-quality themes that no other website offers.

In this post, you’ll get some of the top rated templates for your osCommerce website, So, you can decide which one you need, based on its niche, colors, layouts and more.

Top rated osCommerce templates

These templates are selected based on the number of reviews, the good designs. So, they are not only loved by thousands of people, but also, these designs, performs better, in terms of sales and attraction for any store.

1. Sailing Store

This is a premium template that lets you change the colors, the logo, and everything else. What makes this template better is the layout that puts the categories as the menu on the left sidebar. That’s the best location to let visitors browse your products, without wasting their time with the wrong page.

In other words, people find things easier, and they can access the right category of the products that they are looking for. It’s the greatest user experience that you can offer.

The smart slides at the top of the homepage make things attractive and better. I liked the special offers at the top left page area, it’s the right location on the theme to attract the user’s intention and to let people learn more about your discounts, and more.

Best osCommerce Templates

2. Spice Shop

With this well-created template, people can build an amazing eStore that sells natural plants and products related to health. It comes with 2 column layout, with the featured products section, listing your best items is so easy, and most important, the visitor can easily browse all the other products.

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Spice Shop

3. Modern Computers Store

As its name, this is a computer dedicated template that comes with different languages. Also, the layout itself is beautiful and the menu looks professional. With this template, you can build a strong tech store that no one else has.

Everything is customizable in a few clicks, just spend some time with colors, and you will find your best design. Or, simply use the default one and save the time and effort, but also, keep the well optimized structure that professional designers create, especially, for the computer niche.

Computers Store

4. Fashion Clothes

You can use this professional fashion template to build the best osCommerce website better than your competitors. I loved the speed of this design with the clean code and also, the easy navigation.

The left sidebar menu can be used for categories, all you have to do is to install this theme, and let the default settings works. If you need customized colors and other things, you can do that yourself, or ask them to do it for you. But, the final word is that this is a good design for every fashion blog.

Fashion template

5. Tires Store

The high-quality website start from the designs, but, the store needs more options and great colors to look professional. That’s what this template offers, and no other themes has its value. In a few moments, people find the website interesting with the help of the psychology of colors and the layout.

That brings more sales and even better conversions in the long-term. It’s a clean template that focuses on items and how they should look.

 Tires theme

6. Digital Store

I prefer this quality template for many things, it looks cool and professional first, and second, it offers the best layout that photography stores need.

You can use the default featured cameras layout, and adjust the colors as you need. However, I recommend to use the default layout for the first days, then, compare your designs with successful digital camera stores, and find what you need to improve things.

The best user experience starts from the speed of your store and it needs well-organized elements and the right combination of colors and items.

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Digital Store

These are not all the osCommerce templates that you can find, but, a small percentage of more designs. Of course, they are the best and the most optimized ones, but, you can also see the other templates and compare their layouts, and colors, to find what works better for your projects and make it unique and successful, at the same time.

Please make sure to make your website loads faster, there are many things that can affect the site speed like the server of your hosting company, your number of add-ons, and the number of visits that the store receives

You need a quality hosting, I recommend Inmotion Hosting, or Liquid Web if you want to go for maximum performances. They have the strongest infrastructure for any eCommerce projects. Best of all, they have the most powerful server in the world.

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