Things to Look for in a Good Expired Domain Name

Finding a good expired domain name is the fastest way to build a website and reduce the time, and even investments. But if you really want to rank higher in search engines, and guarantee the quality of your domain, then, read the below things to consider.

Then, apply them one by one, and you will be safe and never make the same mistake that thousands of people make every day.

The last Google updates made things better in terms of search quality. It refined more spam websites and links. But, when it comes to beginners, they forget all that, and they still follow old and outdated tips to pick their domain names.

Choosing high quality expired domains

You need to take the following checklist into consideration. They will help and will save you lots of time and money.

Forget the Google Page Rank

Many tools show the actual Page Rank for domains. The page rank is no longer updated for one year, and Google stopped updating the toolbar and focused on other things. So, never use the Page Rank as a must-have thing in every domain name.

Higher MOZ domain authority

The Moz authority is the best alternative to the Google page rank, it works better and gives accurate results. At the same time, it’s based on the number of links, their quality, and many complicated things.

The good expired domain name needs to have a MOZ DA of 30 at least. But, if you can find a domain with near value to that, use it and verify the other things. The best thing about this authority measurement is that it’s not easy to manipulate like Page Rank.

The domain age

It’s not a secret that Google and Bing prefer established websites with old domain names. But, that’s not a rule that you should follow all the time. But, when you do, things will be better for you, and you will get a better ranking than you expected. It’s better to choose a domain that has, at least, 3 years of age.

If you can find one from the 90s, that will be great if it’s really good and trusted. But make sure to verify its history.

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Backlinks from unique IP

The total number of links that point to any domain is not important if they are from one or a few IP addresses. That’s a signal of spam, so, make sure to compare the total number of links to the number of referring domains, and their unique IP addresses.

For example, if a domain has thousands of links, but, from one or two IP addresses, then, stay away from it. On the other side, when you find a domain with hundreds of links from hundreds of domains and IP addresses, that’s a signal of quality, and you can proceed to the next step.

Links from Edu and Gov sites

The educational and governmental backlinks add real value to any domain. That’s why people are doing their best to find these domains.

You can find a domain if you spend some time every day. There are thousands of domains that are expiring every hour, with good links from universities and official websites.

That gives a boost to your SERP ranking, and you shouldn’t forget that. At the same time, verify that these links come from the right places and not just spam comments.

Verify the referred pages of those links and see if they’re coming from the content, or all of them are just comments. That can help to compare two domains with these links.

Forget the Alexa traffic

Lots of people search for sites with good Alexa rank when they have nothing. Alexa is not the right tool to compare website traffic and keywords. It worked well in the past, but now, everything is wrong and you can verify that with your own domain.

You will find that the referring keywords are not the real ones, and the source of traffic is completely wrong. Don’t take this, as a factor when choosing a good expired domain these days.

The Google index

This is a confusing thing to understand. If there are no indexed pages for any domain, that doesn’t mean it’s penalized, but, that’s only valid if the domain is offline for days, or weeks, at least. If you find a domain without indexed pages, verify that it’s online for weeks or months.

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Google removes the indexed page if it found that site dead. But also, if the domain is offline for a few hours or from the last day, and you find nothing as indexed pages, then, stay away and be sure that it’s penalized by Google.

To find the number of indexed pages in Google, use this example, and type it in the search box.

Domain trust

There are a couple of sites, where you can find the domain trust, Majestic is a good tool to use. There is no exact number to use, but it’s recommended that the domain trust should be 15 at least, with the same value for the citation flow.

The tool gives a clear idea about the number of links, and how they’re distributed across the web.

Good Expired Domains

The Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs are other good tools to use. Just enter the domain name and find their backlinks and what anchor text they have. That gives a clear idea about the domain.

Please make sure to verify that the anchor texts are related, and not spam like ”pharmacy” words and so on.

How to find expired domains

Lots of websites offer a tool that lets you find these domains, but, the only two places to find them are Expired Domains. They are the best and you can use their tools to filter results as you want.

Make sure to filter the domains with fake page rank, and use your preferred language if you want. That way, you can find very targeted domains, and you can download them in a text file.

You can add a ”DMOZ” filter, but that’s not a sign of trust all the time. There are many domains that are listed there, but, with fake PageRank and spam links.

If you need the right strategy to follow and learn secrets from successful domain seller, then, use the Millionaire Society. It’s the best domain flipping guide and resources that you can find on the web.

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