Tips to Choose and Register a Domain Name for your Website

Before to start creating your blog, or website, you should first, start searching for the best and relevant domain name that will help to rank your blog posts later. Your domain name is not your site web address only, but, it’s your brand and business.

To make sure that you register the best domain name, you have to apply the following steps one by one, to ensure that your blog will rank well on Google and other search engines, but also to make your business successful, and without spamming.

1. Register a short domain name

If you really want to make a brand with your domain name and succeed, you should make it as short as possible. There is no exact length to select a new domain name, but, the acceptable length is something like 15 characters and less. That will not just be a memorable word, but, people will love it.

The top domain names are composed of just one or two words as the maximum. This will add value to your website and if you wish to sell it later, it will worth more when you pick the right word.

2. The domain should be clear

The main things to pick a clear and easy domain name are the following.

a. Easy to read and remember

Your domain name will help your website to get more traffic, of course, if you select the good words and think about people who find them on the web. Most of the popular websites and blogs register a domain name and think about people, at the same time.

So, you should do the same, for this, you have to use words that people can easily read, as an example, the domain name “HelenFlowers” is easy to read and to remember, people can just type it in their browsers to visit that site or blog. If you make it long and complicated, nothing will be helpful and you will be a spammer in the eyes of the search engine and people also.

b. Don’t use numbers and hyphens

Most of the new bloggers search for their domain name with one word or two. But, when they can’t find it available, they simply add numbers or hyphens, this is, of course, a mistake, you make things complicated. So, make sure to exclude numbers and other symbols in your domain, this will save you lots of problems in the future.

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3. Use a general word

You have to help yourself with a general and a daily used word, instead of other complicated terms that people can’t use. For example, if you wish to select a domain about “cars” you shouldn’t use “blue cars in California”, this is useful if your domain is still available of course.

The main reason is that your future blog posts will get some ranking ”boost” if you make it general. If you focus on a specific niche or city, you will limit your traffic.

Example. If you create an article about “yellow cars”, it will be ranked well with the domain “cars” but not with “red cars”. So, select general words to give yourself more chances to create more articles.

4. Domain search

a. Search for keywords

To give your domain name all the power, you have to use words that people are typing in their browsers when searching.

The easiest and the best way to do that is to use Google Keyword Planner and make some searches for different keywords that you’re interested in.  Compare the terms to find the best one that will be relevant for your business.

The Google keywords Planner will suggest you some great keywords to replace others. You need to make sure that your keyword receives good traffic from Google, at least, 5000 searches per month will be a good choice.

That’s how to pick a domain name for your blog that will add value to your content and help it to rank better. Of course, you need to build high-quality content that people love and share.

b. Buy from a verified domain provider

You can find thousands of domain name providers, but not all of them can be trusted and secure at 100%. So, where to buy domain names with trust?

Make sure to use the top popular services like NameCheap, it’s the best site to purchase a domain name, and it’s a U.S registered company and it has years of experience. Best of all, they have the largest trusted expired domain name marketplace. So, you can search and find a good expired domain in your niche.

You can register your perfect domain name register it with the same company and make it secure at once. They have the cheapest domain name and hosting service, especially for WordPress.

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Registering a domain name for a business is not the same with all the providers. But what you get with this recommended service is amazing, for example, you can select from exclusive domain extensions.

Also, you can add a business verification badge to your website, and let people know that you have a registered and verified business.

By the way, they have a professional domain name with email hosting. That means, your domain name email will be hosted there, and you don’t need to look for other services, or even, manage the DNS for that.

 5. Don’t use brand names

Purchasing a domain name for a website is easy and simple, but, you need to avoid problems like the trademarks.

This is the most important step that you should take into consideration when searching for domain names. Brand names will bring you legal problems if you include them in your domain.

Not every company or business owner will do that, but, you should avoid all the legal problems in the future. So, register a domain name that will be your own brand, and not uses other brands. That will create your own business identity on the web, and you will look professional.

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