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Best Websites to Find Engineering Jobs in California

If you’re looking for an engineering  job in California and don’t want to browse hundreds of websites, then, you can find your best job using the largest the search engines that I’ve selected, where you can search  by category and more options.

To apply for an engineering job and get accepted, you have to create a great CV. But sometimes, there are many companies that accept applications fast, because they are in the need for that specific application or specialty. So, apply as many times as you can for the same job at different websites.

That will maximize your chances to get accepted. At the same time, you should apply as fast as possible because the next job searching websites are receiving millions of visitors, and you may lose some good jobs if you apply too late.

You can also learn how to search for blog jobs online.

I’ve selected the following websites for the great service first, and based on their monthly number of visitors, to ensure that they have thousands of  jobs, and you have more chances to apply and to get accepted. That’s better than the others small websites with fewer offers and database. Also, these places receive the most of their visitors from California.

Top places to find Engineering Jobs

1. Glass door

find jobs in california

Glass Door is not a regular website to just browse job offers and apply, but, it’s a powerful search engine that allows you to get access to offers from the biggest companies in the world, and apply for engineering jobs. You can search for Apple jobs, or Google jobs as an example. This website receives 8 million visitors every month, and that’s a huge potential to find all kinds of offers.

At the same time, you can search for Google jobs to get an idea about their salaries and to select what engineering job you like in your city or state. So, you can search by salaries, or companies, and find reviews about businesses that you don’t know, or simply, to find reviews about popular companies.


Top jobs seach engines

Indeed is one of the largest websites to find a job, and especially, in California, there are thousands of jobs every day. All you have to do is to select a job title and location, then, you get thousands of job titles. You can also, switch to the advanced search, and find your preferred job by keywords and distance. The site receives 23 million visitors per month on average, and it has a very large job database.


This is a great and popular place to search for jobs, but, with less competition than the above websites. With Job, you get a list of great jobs that you can’t find anywhere else. They have specific jobs in any category that you want, depending on some criteria. I’ve added this search engine for the qualified visitors that they receive. Over 50% of total visitors are coming from California only, so, you have a good chance to find a fast job there.

4. Engineer Jobs

Engineer jobs is not a very popular website, but, it helps getting the most specific job that you ‘re searching for. The majority of visitors of this website are engineers. They are looking for a job or they want to cooperate with other engineers.

What makes it different from the others is the specific jobs, you don’t need to type your job title and browse thousands of offers. Instead, you can click directly on your job exact title, and find all the related offers.

If you need a fast search, you can just click on the popular companies like Boeing and Amazon. You can find these lists on the home page just under the search area.

5. website

Monster is an advanced job search engine that suggests great job title while you’re typing the first letters. It helps to find the relevant job in your city, all you have to do is to select your city and let the software do the rest. You can also, sign up to their job alert, and receive email notifications for jobs that you are interested in. This website receives over 10 million job seeker per month and that means a lot in these days.

Tips to find trusted websites

Please make sure to use trusted sites only an avoid providing your personal details. As any place on the web, you can find scammers from all over the world, and you should protect your application as you can. For example, never use a website that doesn’t use an SSL, or a secure connection. The green lock at the top of your browser URL bar is a good sign of a verified website.

It’s better if you verify the site trust before doing anything with it, the good and the verified sites have some icons of business verification or trust at the bottom of their home pages. So, do your best to avoid scammers and the bad people, they can use your personal details for other things.

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