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Best Places to Sell Web Templates and Designs Online

Selling website templates and designs is one of the most profitable freelance jobs online, you don’t have to think about marketing if you upload your products to the right place. Thousands of websites and business owners browse the web to find their designs. They will find your products and buy them if they’re really creative and awesome.

Today I’ll show you the best places to sell your designs and templates, and earn a real income from your home. It’s not a temporary job, but, a  profitable way to make a living from web templates and designs. But, the challenge is to  be able to create great temples first, then list them online with websites that receive millions of visitors per day.

It’s a good idea to take a look at these effective ways to promote your graphic design skills and portfolio.

Please note that some popular websites are giving a small percentage of your sales, so I won’t talk about those who give less than 50% of your sales. It’s not easy to spend nights and days creating great designs, and give more than a half of their sales to a website.

We know that they drive traffic to your templates and products, but also they will never make money without you, so be careful when selling your designs and never upload files for less than 50% of sales.

1. Envato Marketplaces

Envato is the biggest place online to sell and buy templates, graphic designs, and more, they’re in business for years and receives millions of visitors every month. They have 8 different marketplaces, under the Envato business, all of these 8 websites interest in different products and organized by category:


ThemeForest is the most popular place to sell and buy themes and templates for all the popular platforms, like WordPress, Joomla and Blogger, you can make a real income with them. They send huge traffic to your templates, and you get from 50% to 70% of every sale. It depends on how much money you have in sales, the more you sell, the more you get near to 70% of sales. You can also learn the best way to sell themes.

Graphic river

Graphic river lets you sell graphic designs, photos, infographics and all related items to millions of people around the world. This is the best website for creators and people who find themselves able to create new designs and graphics and sell them easily. Bloggers and popular site owners buy infographics with millions of dollars, and you won’t close your eyes on that business.

You can easily sell your logo designs online, but make sure to focus on quality, and not just creating designs.

Photo dune

Are you a photographer? Then, photodune is the perfect place to sell your photos to millions. All you have to do is to create your account and upload your photos, at the same time browse other products to get tips and how to get the most exposure to your photos.


3docean is the perfect place to sell your 3D designs, no matter how many designs you have. Just upload what you have and get sales, thousands of webmasters and business owners are looking for great 3D designs to buy.


Activeden can be your first source of income if you have flash and flex files to sell. You can make thousands with a few designs, the only requirement is to be creative and stand up from the others. If people find your designs creative and awesome, they will buy them and even recommend them to their friends, thus you get extra sales through free advertising from the community.


If you are a CSS and HTML visual creator, than CodeCanyon is for you. You can focus on simple things that people neglect. For example, if you create great buttons with animations you will get sales without a doubt. People who can create them, will get the intention from business owners who are browsing CodeCanyon for animated CSS buttons. This is a great opportunity to sell your script, CSS and HTML animation knowledge.

2. 99 designs

99designs is one the rare places to find real and good quality graphic designs, if you’re one of the web and graphic designers, then, this is a great place to sell your graphic designs online. It works on contests, clients make a contest with a descriptive paragraph, and how they want the design to be. It’s like a freelance website, but for graphic designs, like book covers, logo, banners etc…

You can also work 1-to-1 projects, clients select a single designer to work with, and best of all, the designer gets paid directly from the client through the 99 designs website. This is the most profitable way to make money with your designs. If the clients or the company find your designs great, then prepare yourself for extra thousands of dollars for future projects that you will receive.

Best Places to Sell Web Templates and Designs

It’s also one of the best sites for web design inspiration, you get new ideas from creative people around the world.

3. Sell your fonts

If you’re a font creator, you can sell them with my fonts, it’s the biggest place to sell fonts at good prices. The average price is $25 for a web font file, You can also get inspiration from people who create fonts for famous people. For example, Freud fonts and signature used as a font and people liked the idea and buy the Freud fonts.

 4. Mojo-Code Marketplace

Mojo-Code is similar to ThemeForest, you can sell templates and designs for different  platforms. You get 50 to 70% of every sale, as an exclusive seller. This website is much smaller than ThemeForest in terms of traffic, but works great in quality, they are doing great business and become more popular than before.

I recommend this website for people who find high competition in other places. With Mojo code, you can get more sales if you promote your designs through your own blog or website.

 5. Elance

Best Places to sell templates

Elance is one of the largest freelance marketplace, and it’s one of the best websites for web designers. You can browse thousands of open projects and work with big companies. The best thing about Elance is that you will be able to show some of your works as a portfolio. It’s really important to give people a reason to select you between the others and even start a log term project.

There is no secret to succeed with them as a designer and template creator, you need to spend daily time on the site browsing projects and apply for projects you’re interested in.

I hope that you find your way with one of these great websites, of course you need to select the one that you feel the best for you and start a real career. Good Luck.

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