WP Engine Affiliate Program: Make $200 per Web Hosting Account

If you’re looking for the best and the highest paying affiliate programs to make money with your blog, or even, to promote them in your advertising campaigns, you might find some companies that offer better payouts than the others. But, the new WP Engine affiliate program commission increase makes things better, and you can take your earnings to the sky if you have a WordPress audience.

Indeed, when you promote WP Engine hosting, you earn a minimum of $200 for every new account. That’s a big commission to earn and expect, at least, some thousands of dollars every month if you get one referral every 3 days. That’s 10 referrals per month, and it’s an easy job for sites with a good amount of traffic.

Why WP Engine pays that good commission?

Of course, there are other good web hosting affiliate programs to make money easily with good traffic. The biggest commissions will be some $130 for super affiliates who bring more than 21 sign-ups per month, and that’s a good commission for shared hosting.

When it comes to WP Engine, it’s a premium and a managed WordPress hosting. That will limit your chances to get sign-ups because you work on WordPress only. However, if your audience and readers are looking for WordPress related topics, then, you can earn easy commissions when you recommend that high-quality hosting service.

If you don’t have an idea about WP Engine, it’s simply the fastest WordPress hosting, and the most advanced and optimized environment to host blogs on WordPress. In other words, you will promote a premium hosting service, and that means every customer needs to pay $29 per month, at least, for their accounts.

The company invests in new customers, and they pay you that $200, as a commission when the customer still 2 months, at least, with them.

That looks like a business risk for such a hosting company. But, remember that the big majority if not all customers will still host with them for years and even decades for the quality, the customer support, and the exclusive service that no other hosting provider offer for WordPress. That’s why the commission is higher than the others.

On the other side, if you’ve promoted shared hosting companies in the past, you will notice that you will get fewer customers with this company. The reason is simple, you need to recommend this company differently than the others.

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People need to know the difference between WPEngine and other hosting providers. And when you offer the information they need, they will be your referrals, and commissions will start boosting your affiliate income.

Another feature about this program is that you make an additional $50 for every sale made through your affiliates. That means more commissions when your referred customers invite other people through their affiliate links.

The good news about this great web hosting affiliate program is the way they divide earnings with affiliates. You get 100% of the first month, which means you can make $3,200 from a single sale from the Enterprise plan.

Just keep in mind that you need to promote the program for the WordPress users, and not just wasting your time with other places.

If you want to advertise with blogs and sites, make sure to verify that they have WordPress users as readers. That way, you can guarantee good results with a few thousand clicks.

If you want to use your SEO skills to promote this program, then, make sure to follow the Google guidelines first, by adding the Nofollow attribute for the banner. And of course, you need to read the full agreement or the terms of service for your program.

They have some limitations on how to promote their company, and you need to take a look at that. But, the final word is that the WP Engine affiliate program is the greatest hosting program to promote and make lots of money, especially, with high traffic sites.

Affiliate Bonuses

When you bring at least 5 sign-ups per month, you earn an additional $100 and that’s good for small affiliates. The commission increases with the number of your referrals and it can be $1500 for affiliates with more than 60 monthly sign-ups.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

How to join the WP Engine Affiliate Program

You can join the program by visiting this ShareASale page. Create your new account and just use the same page to login, and then, you can join the hosting program from your account. This is one of the few hosting affiliate programs that auto-approves your application, and you don’t need to be approved in order to start promoting the program.

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