I received a couple of emails from friends who already knows how to blog and these things. They asked for some reviews about many programs that are supposed to teach people how to get traffic to their websites.

So, I decided to write this post, as a warning message to all the newbies who are ready to do anything to get visitors, and make money.

There are no web traffic secrets

The web is full of guides and tutorials, if you spend some minutes, you will find millions of articles and videos about any source of traffic that you want. Of course, you need to select a few ones that are at the top of the search result. At least, that filter the good guides and it helps getting great content.

But, the big problem is to believe that driving traffic to your website is a top-secret science, and you have to spend thousands of dollars buying scam guides. Lots of membership websites make lots of money by teaching people how to buy advertising traffic only.

Web traffic scammers to avoid

Unfortunately, that’s the truth, beginners, and even, affiliate marketers who search for traffic, trust these people and buy their products. Later, when they login into their membership areas, nothing is really teaching how to drive traffic, they believe in these top so-called ”secret methods”.

To go further, these guys are generating junk traffic, from low-quality sites, and even, bots. I’ve talked in the last post about the PPV scam, and why you should never waste your time, and lose your money with it.

They use advanced tactics to win your trust with free videos and so on. Later, you will find yourself learning how to go to ”BuySellAds”, and buy the traffic. Is that what you want? Of course, it’s just an example among many other, but, the same thing repeats over and over again.

Be careful when you find these products that promise traffic secrets, and sending thousands of visits to your website overnight, and all those things. Nothing will make you money than real traffic.

So, how to get real traffic?

If I say that there are no secrets about generating traffic, that doesn’t mean to stop there, and wait for visitors to come to your website or landing page.

That’s not realizable if you really want to succeed. You don’t have to buy products that teach you how to write a blog post naturally, share it with your followers, and promoting your website with great posts or others things.

At the same time, you shouldn’t waste your money reading long guides that show you how to buy ads from websites. All these things are not secrets, you can find them where you go online. Just try, and you will get them for free.

The main sources of web traffic are these:

1. Organic traffic

This is the traffic that you can get from Google and other search engines. SEO is not a rocket science, you need to create a good content, and link to one or two of your old posts within the same topic. Then, use a good headline with your main keywords, link out to high authority sites, and add one photo or video if you can.

Next, work hard applying this simple method and wait a few months, and you will start getting the best traffic in the world. It’s not only high quality, but, you get it for free, where others pay Google thousands of dollars to get it.

2. Social Media

Everyone knows how to create an account on Facebook and Pinterest. Then, start posting daily and share your ideas with the others, and communicate with them. For Pinterest, that’s the best quality traffic source, follow people from your niche, and grow your base of followers.

When you create high-quality Pins and share theme, people will re-share them again, and you can drive a good amount of traffic from there.

The same thing applies to Twitter and Google plus, but, the bad thing about these sources of traffic is that you need lots of time. It can be a real waste of energy, but, when you have thousands of real followers and fans, things can be easier.

3. Direct Advertising

It’s easy and simple, you create an account with BuySellAds, then, search for a websites by category and find the advertising space that you need. Submit your banner and pay for your 30 days advertising period and it’s done.

You can buy advertising by 30 day period or by CPM that cost more. Just make sure to verify the website traffic first, and see what kind of ads they are serving. Of course, you have to verify that the website content is relevant to your ad. The last thing that you want is to pay for ads in low traffic websites.

4. PPC advertising

Pay Per Click still the best adverting method, you spend what you get. Visitors are real people who click on your ads and want to learn more about your offer or service. But, remember that you need to work with a few popular ad networks.

If you have lots of money, use Google AdWords. If you have fewer resources, but, you want the same quality, and even better, then, use the Bing ads network. There are many others, a simple search on Google will tell you more.

With PPC, you pay from a few cents, to a few dollars per a single click. Of course, you don’t like to pay dollars, think about your budget and read resources like this one.

5. Guest posting

If you can write good posts and help the others, the guest posting can drive huge traffic if you write for the right websites. It takes time and effort, but, you shouldn’t make it your only source of traffic. Google started monitoring people who send a guest post here and there just for SEO.

That’s not good, but, you can stay safe by writing relevant posts and submitting them to big blogs and websites. They will link back to your website, and you will get more traffic and authority for your pages.

What about other sources of traffic?

You don’t need any other source of traffic, they are just a garbage. Use the above sources, make your own search about them, and you will find amazing resources. Please think twice the next time before buying guides about traffic generation.

In many cases, people get confused about thousands of sites that never work again. Traffic is not a game, it’s a result of real people like you and me, no one can force them to visit any website. So, forget all these so-called secrets and focus on your business.

Everything will be fine with human visits that find your website from a search, or by finding a link or an ad on the web. If there is a one source to learn how to get real traffic and affiliate marketing, it will be Affilorama. They have free and paid courses that work really and not just theories.

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