What uses the Most bandwidth on your Internet Quota?

With more and more usage of internet bandwidth and data processing, it’s clear that many websites, apps, and online services use a huge number of requests from and to your computer to show you videos, data, and more media.

Found yourself out of your monthly internet bandwidth quota? Want to save more bandwidth? Don’t want to waste your data using the websites and tools you don’t need? So this article will fix your problem.

Websites & apps  that use the most internet bandwidth

1. Netflix

Netflix is on the top list of the bandwidth hogger websites, in reality, millions of people are using it as their preferred video streaming service with YouTube, however, not all of them know about adjusting the video quality to save bandwidth.

As a result, the website consumes nearly 37% of the bandwidth at peak hours of their monthly internet quote. So, if you care about bandwidth limitations, you should limit your control and adjust the quality of the video as possible.

2. YouTube

YouTube is one of many websites that use the most bandwidth on your Internet usage, if you don’t control some features, you’ll consume your bandwidth in a few days especially for active YouTube users.

As the site uses HD quality, it sends a huge amount of data to serve you better.

On the other side, YouTube lets you select the video quality, so, if you’re watching a long video, and there is no need for HD, you can choose a lower quality.

Also, by default, YouTube has an automatic video playing features that load the next videos when you finish one, that goes again and again, so, disabling that feature is highly recommended.

3. Online Video Gaming platforms

Playing games on your local computer will not consume any bandwidth if you have the files and all the data stored, but when you play online especially the strategy games, things will be different.

The new world of online gang uses high resolution and lots of details on every step of the game. So, that uses excessive bandwidth for those who play hours and hours every day.

If you’re an active video gamer and you play online, then, don’t be surprised next time when you see the billing papers or suddenly your internet connection stops working.

4. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and biggest social network, however, it’s also a video streaming platform with huge data. So, it’s also one of the most bandwidth-intensive websites, when you watch a video, it may take seconds or minutes to load fully depending on your internet speed.

For that, I highly recommend disabling the Facebook outplay feature.

That will save lots of bandits gigabytes as you’ll watch the video that you really need and not just getting videos played automatically without your permission.

5. Skype

Skype is the preferred video streaming and chat system, so,  a lot of people are using it for video chat these days and that uses lots of data exchange.

I saw many people chatting using the videos, but for nothing in the end except wasting their bandwidth when they move to other rooms and keep talking, in that case, using audio chat only will be much better.

6. Dropbox and backup apps

Yes, that’s true, you may forget that you have an installed computer backup software on your local machine or tablet.

These apps consume a huge internet download and upload data to compare what you have in the cloud account as files, and then they upload the newly added or modified files to their servers. In addition, if you add the data that these backup tools use for updates, things will be harder for slow laptops especially.

7. Operating System updates

No matter when the computer operating system you use, iOS, Windows, and others use lots of bandwidth to download regular updates, in general, a few gigabytes will be enough.

On the other side, when you use multiple OS and more laptops, things will be more complicated and you can easily consume all the bandwidth if 4 computers on your home use your bandwidth for updates if you have a very low quota.

I don’t recommend disabling the OS updates, check, but you can disable the automatic download, so, when you need the bandwidth for another usage, you still have it, later, when you think it’s time for the update, you can install them after download.

8. Excessive Ads

Not all the ads are bad for the user experience, you may want to find tips about a topic and an advertisement can be your perfect solution as a service or app. However, there are many spam websites and companies that play video ads without your permission.

These companies show animated images and flash ads with big data. That may look like nothing when you browse a few pages, but if you’re an active internet surfer and you visit lots of sites each day, you’ll notice the difference with Gigabytes of internet bandwidth you wasted for nothing.

So, if you think that you use websites and you got bombarded with ads all the way, why not using an Ad-block extension on your browser. It will save some bandwidth and stop annoying ads.

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