100% Uptime Guarantee Web Hosting: The Truth and Limits

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If you are a webmaster, surely you searched at least one time for a web hosting company that offers 100% uptime guarantee. But, what’s the truth behind that? Is it possible to make your website available all the time at any place in the world. Or, it is just a scam from people who want to attract customers in any way they can. Our post, today, will be a reliable web hosting with 100% uptime guarantee promises.

There are a few hosting companies who offer a guaranteed reliable uptime hosting, some of them have great infrastructure, and host millions of domains. But, we all know that a hardware needs some maintenance from time to time and if you make any server working all the time during one year, for example, you can imagine that it is even impossible technically.

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The truth about the web hosting uptime

Every electronic device in the world works properly under some conditions, with the time, the server performances will decrease, and end up with some failures in the end, if not put the owner in a situation, where he should change the server completely.

At the same time, people who don’t believe the 100% uptime guarantee. Forget that many of the popular companies host websites in their cloud infrastructure, and not on a single server. Which means that they have the option to make at least two copies from your website on different servers, and different locations. That sound great, but companies who can do that are rare.

When thinking about the cloud servers, the uptime is not a problem in general the majority of websites hosted on cloud servers. You should have at least 99% uptime guarantee, but it is not a great result if you have lots of traffic. A 99% uptime seems great for many of us, but what if you think about the time that your website will be in downtime during one year?

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Let’s take a simple example: if you have a hosting account with a 99% uptime guarantee. Your website will down during 14m 24 seconds every day, it is just an average, sometimes you get zero downtime during days. And then, you get hours of them in the next days. However, think about that during one year.

On a full year, your website will be down during 3 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes and 29.5 seconds. It’s not a good news at all, especially, for commercial websites and websites with lots of traffic, near to four days of downtime will result in a few sales, less advertising revenue for the others.

The goal from the above example, that is real, is that even with a good hosting provider. The 99% uptime is not good at all, even, if you think about other companies who promise the 99,99% uptime, you will get 52m and 35.7 seconds downtimes per year.

I said that technically, it is not possible to get a website working all the year on the server, but it can work on a cloud server. But the second example needs lots of infrastructure manipulations, and resources, with multiple data centers around the world to achieve that goal.

This is a hard goal for hosting companies, why, simply because they need at least the double of the necessary infrastructure to make every website hosted with them works all the day, during a full year.

If you tried to start a hosting company in the past, you understand that it is even near to impossible to get 100% uptime. Even, Google, the giant company, with superpower infrastructure, and thousands of scientists cannot work without downtimes. The truth here is that it is impossible for web hosting companies to make a website work without downtimes.

Marketing methods to attract customers

The real truth behind the uptime guarantee is getting more customers, and make more sales than any hosting provider can make. A new customer who has zero experience with websites, won’t pay for a 99% uptime guarantee. So, they simply make it attractive for them, but with some technics:

They only count the Network uptime

This is a real bad technic used by the most of the web hosting providers to play with their customers, and never give credit for downtimes. They only talk about their total network, except that, it is not a downtime for them. This affects the dedicated servers and VPS, if your server is down, then, they never count it as downtime.

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They simply, ask you to check what happened to your server, and can easily find a problem with your settings that make the server down.

Even if you have never made any setting change, they can easily modify anything they want and make you the responsible for your server downtime, it is just to tell you, we won’t credit your account even if there is a downtime.

They never count the server maintenance

Yes, it is true, this seems a surprise because no one is responsible for the server expects the owner. It is a downtime, but, they exclude their maintenance from being counted in the total downtimes, if you read their terms of service, you will find that. No one will tell you about that, but it’s what happens really.

Not all downtimes are counted

Short downtimes are not counted for them, even if it is a real failure and they should give you credits for that. After all, they all promise to add credits to your account if a downtime happens. But, they will never add credits, simply because they take that into consideration when writing their terms of service page.

It’s better to be honest and never make fake promises

The first reason I only recommend Inmotion Hosting as a hosting provider for any, blogger or other website owners is that they simply are never using fake promises, just to make money from them. If you look at their plans page, you will never find the uptime guarantee section, or highlights, as the others are doing all the time.

They build their own servers with the latest technology, but they never promise a 100% uptime guarantee. At the same time, they are one of the most reliable companies.

These companies simply guarantee a 99,9% uptime and they always achieve that goal. After all, they have the right infrastructure to make a website working fast, and need only a few minutes per month, to make some fast maintenance of the server. This is the right hosting promises that should be, and not just for marketing purposes.


The 100% uptime guarantee is just a marketing method to attract more customers. You should never think about these promises, and believe them. Even if you hosted with the most advanced and biggest company. It is not profitable for them to have the double of their infrastructure just to make websites available all the time.

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All servers need maintenance from time to time or it will never work at all? Think about your computer and if you make it work during one year. Of course, this is not an ideal example, because they use big machines, and they need advanced technologies to make their temperature stable, and continue working. But, but the Principe is the same.

Your hosting needs some minutes of downtime every year to work properly. So, forget all those promises and select the one that give you real results without promises.

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