Which Host to Use for WordPress

Which Host to Use for WordPress Websites in 2019?

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To be able to host a WordPress website in the right server that take care of speed and reliability, but also, your budget, you need to look for some important things that every blog needs. However, when it comes to WordPress, things can be a little confusing for many people, and that’s because of the PHP and MySQL features, that the software needs to work.

Luckily, there are a couple of sites, where you can get the best service and faster loading time for your blog. Also, you will protect your files and everything else from the same place.

In this post, I’ll show you the top hosting providers to use, because of their optimization and amazing experience that I had with them.

Which Host to Use for WordPress

Choosing the right hosting for WordPress

There is no need to waste your time with companies that never care about your site. But, always there is the exception, if you’re looking for a cheap but high quality hosting for WordPress, then I recommend Inmotion Hosting.

Of course, this recommended hosting is cheap ad in shared servers. But, if you need a fully managed hosting that’s created especially for WordPress, then, I only recommend WP Engine. It’s a premium web hosting with the fastest server in the market and everything is professional.

The reason is simple, they are the only shared hosting company that offers free SSD hosting. That means, every website will be hosted on fast environment, and that’s what makes them the fastest shared hosting. They offer lots of features, such as, the free domain name, and the free site migration.

I’ve tested and use their service and found it the best among the others, it’s not easy to invest lots in a good infrastructure like the one they have. Best of all, people don’t need to pay any fees to use the SSD.

It’s like a normal hosting, but faster and with the same price, and even, cheaper. That never affects the service’s quality because they control the way that spammers use their service. In a single word, no one can play with your website uptime and cause problems like many other services.

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At the same time, when you need a ready installed WordPress blog, you just need to check the ”pre-installed WordPress” and that means a full functional blog without any installation. They have the best auto-installer software that will do the job for you when you create your account.

Inmotion Hosting is one of the few providers that offer an amazing customer support, and lots of options. Best of all, when you need the help, you can call them instantly, and get a friendly support from experienced technicians. Unlike other hosting providers, they treat webmasters like friends and family, but not like numbers.

Of course, you can chat with an agent, or send a support ticket when you need it. But the main idea is that this great web hosting is the ideal place to host WordPress, without worrying about speed, security, and support.

If you’re a tutorial lover and wants everything to be clear, you will find lots of guides, and step by step tutorials to do everything on your blog, or website in general.

In parallel with the support team, there is the community forums with thousands of bloggers, and well knows experts who can help at any time. The great part is that there is a dedicated support team that reply to every question in the forum, and help with more than you can expect.

What you will love, even more, is the huge resource. There is no limitation on bandwidth and disk space, that mean unlimited hosting really. And the most important thing is the cPanel, that’s the most popular control panel that we all use, to manage the files and the website content when we need.

I’ve used dozens of service, but, this one amazed me with the simplicity of their control panel, that make things easier than the expected. Even, a child can create an email address with this blog, and set everything from one place.

How to set up WordPress for the first time?

I recommend Inmotion Hosting because I know their service, and what they can do to make your blog faster, and better in performance. But, if you need tips, or even, installation of your theme, plugins, or whatever you want, you can contact me and everything will be for free. You don’t have to pay anything to create a blog like millions of people.

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Also, you can get help about the right theme to use that makes a huge difference in your site SEO, and speed later. The theme needs to be professional, and clean from codes that people can use to hack your site.

That’s why getting recommendations and the advice, about the theme and everything else, is important.

Good luck with your new WordPress site. If you need help, let me know and I will do my best to make your site faster and protected.

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