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How to Add WooCommerce to Genesis Themes in WordPress

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WordPress offers lots of features to build a complete online store and sell items to thousands of people without issues. But if you have a StudioPress theme then, you might find issues to add the e-commerce function to your website. That’s because of the Genesis child themes in general comes without support with that plugins.

However, there is always a solution for this and I’ll show you how to integrate the WooCommerce function in your theme easily. Just follow these simple steps and make sure that you have access to your cPanel file manager or at least the FTP to correct mistakes if they happen.

As I sad, Genesis themes are the best for WordPress, but they need a little work to looks like a professional business theme that every store needs. In our case today, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin first. Just activate it to avoid getting errors later. Then, install a plugin called Genesis Connect for WooCommerce that will do the hard job for you.

It’s better to have an access to your plugins folder, So, you can easily deactivate a plugin when it becomes broken and never let you login or access the admin area again. If something wrong happens, don’t worry because you just need to rename the exact plugin to file to any other name, that’s the easiest way to deactivate it from the outside of the WordPress dashboard.

Now, that you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you need to add the below code to your theme’s functions.php file.

add_theme_support( 'genesis-connect-woocommerce' );

Please make sure to copy and paste that code to avoid mistakes, the function theme shouldn’t include errors or you will need to access the file manager and delete the code manually later.

To paste the code in the right file, you have two easy options. The first one is the WordPress dashboard that I recommend for people who can access their theme files from an FTP and the second is the cPanel that I recommend for everyone, simply because it’s safer and easy.

If you have the theme editor functions enabled and that’s the default WordPress settings, then, click on “Appearance” from the WordPress left menu, and select “Editor” that will be the last option.

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How to Add WooCommerce to Genesis Themes

Next, find the file called function.php from the left list as the below example.

adding the code Genesis

When you click that link, the file will be opened and from there you should add the code at the bottom of the file and finally click the button to save the changes. Remember that if you get errors in this step, then you should delete or edit that code manually from cPanel which is the other method. So, login to cPanel and file the file manager icon, click on it and you will be tacked to your exact website files.

cPanel access to theme functions file

Now, click, you have to find the function file inside the themes, to do that access the wp-content directory as the following screenshot.

website content

In that folder, click find a sub-folder called Themes and open it, then open that them that you’re using, you should find the file that you want to edit by deleting or editing the WooCommerce support code.

edit the functions file

Make sure to select the file in order to edit it, or the editing button will still inactive as the above example. You can now access your plugin dashboard and start building the right pages for your products, customize your web store and start selling online after adding the right payment options for your customers.

If you have questions or problems to solve, you can post them in your comments or contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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