How to Create an Email Address for your Website

After creating your blog or website, you need to think about how people can contact you. In this case, you can use any email address, but if you want to look professional, then you have to create your own website email address. It’s not hard, and you can follow these steps, and everything will be ready.

Before starting, you need to have a cPanel hosting simply because of the easy uses and the features that come with that control panel. The majority of modern hosting companies offer that tool. So, log in to cPanel and then locate the Email Accounts icon like the below screenshot.

Create an Email Address for your Website

Now, you will get the page, it’s easy to set up your domain emails as you want.

domain email

As you can, you have just to add the name that will be added to the domain name. It’s like creating a Gmail or Yahoo email, but this time for your domain name. When you enter the password to access your inbox, click the button to create the account, and it’s done.

The good thing about cPanel is that you can forward that email to your personal inbox and manage everything from there. In other words, you don’t need to log in to your webmail account every day and read or send emails, the full email will be hosted in your preferred email provider. To do that, read How to forward a domain name to Gmail.

Please make sure that your hosting provider offers a spam filtering tool that protects your full email. There are thousands of people and millions of bots that send automatic emails to every domain name they find online, and it’s necessary to have that protection. There is no need to enable it, it will be installed automatically.

At the same time, to access your site email directly, click the same icon that takes you to email accounts, and then you will see the one you’ve created. In this step, click the More option as in the next example.

access webmail

Then, you can see two options, one of them is the webmail access, click on it, and a new page will be opened where you can check your incoming emails and send replies and everything. You need to add your email password, and that’s for security reasons.

This is the way to use for making emails for domain names, however, some hosting companies offer the site storage only and not the email. In this case, that happens, especially with managed hosting. You need to use an external email service that you need to link directly to your domain name provider.

There are lots of services that offer protected email hosting, but NameCheap is the best one of them. They offer good service and enough disk space to store your email and protect everything.

The best thing to do with your email is to make it as secure as possible, especially never to share it anywhere you go online. Also, make sure never to use it to create accounts on any website like social networks and so on. They can use it to send you lots of promotions, and you will receive thousands of commercial emails, even with spam protection. So, keep things professional and use your domain email for business only.

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