Things to Do Before Starting Blogging

7 Things to Do Before Starting a Blogging Career

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No matter what background you have and what job you have right now. Even if you’ve never worked online, you can start a real blogging career if you follow some tips and choose the right tools. However, building a blog and starting building content from the first day is just a waste of time, simply because you will make lots of mistakes and you can’t find how doing everything correctly.

That’s why, serious people should do the following things before starting a blog, you will avoid lots of problems and the result will a real income in the long-term.

1. Start reading popular blogs for 30 days

This is not a test, but a way to see blogging from the outside as a reader, then compare things together. There are great blogs with thousands of visitors every day and you can follow them and learn everything. I don’t mean to start reading hundreds of sites every day, but simply pick a few ones that talk about different topics.

If you have a specific topic that you want to start blogging about it, it will be better to focus on that, but of course, you need to learn how other websites are doing.

Things to Do Before Starting Blogging

To find these blogs, you just need to use the Google blog search, just enter any topic or keyword and you will get all the sites that talks about that. The real blogger is someone who reads blogs, you will learn everything, I recommend at least the one month to cover the main things like SEO and other things. There are a couple of site lie Moz, where you can find these tips.

2. Learn the basics of SEO

SEO is not really a science, but a simple method to follow in order to make the Google crawlers understand your content better and indexing it faster. Make sure to understand things to avoid that can destroy your blog in the future. Forget things like creating back links and spam way to boost your organic traffic.

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That’s no longer the case now, and the new SEO is completely different from the last couple of years. So, you should read updated posts about this topic, you can verify the last update or the publication date of any article. That will ensure that what you read is correct and not outdated.

Every month, a new thing is changing in SEO and you have to follow the latest tips and updates from experienced people.

3. Pick the right hosting

The first thing to do here is to forget things like free hosting, it will destroy your business overnight and there is no way to succeed with that low-quality things. You should pick a good hosting that works well for WordPress and other platforms.

If you need an advice, I’ll recommend Inmotion Hosting, they are the only shared hosting that offer SSD hosting without extra fees. You get a free domain name and free daily backups for your blog. That’s without talking about their professional and friendly customer support.

4. Find how to choose the right theme

I’ve created a post on how doing that, just read it and find the most important things to consider from the beginning. There are lots of them for WordPress, but a few frameworks are what you need for their clean code and SEO ready function. But also, the theme must be fast.

If you have some time to search for more tips, search Google and you will get all your needs. But remember that the theme is a very important element that can take your blog to the next level if you select it the right way. But also, it can waste your time if you use the free themes that you should avoid.

5. Forget  social media profiles for a while

That’s right, you need to focus on your blog and that will take all your time. The average time to create a good article is 3 hours, and you don’t need to waste your time with social media that brings low-quality traffic.

The big number of followers that you see on popular sites is not making them money. They get some traffic, but the main idea here is to focus on the site for the first 4 months at least. Then, you can create a few profiles on Twitter and Google plus.

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6. Set up your Blog and wait a few days

Don’t make the same mistake of other people again, they install the theme and start publishing content rapidly, then they notice a big mistake in their layout or any other wrong thing to correct. You need to prepare everything in a step by step way. Just add your widgets and setup the footer and all the other parts of the layouts.

The best thing that you can do in this step is start writing posts, but save them as drafts. Compare your writing with the basics of the SEO and correct the language errors.

7. Read the Google webmaster guidelines

To be in good friendship with Google, you need to understand some important tips to make your site better. Also, to avoid getting penalized in the future by following the wrong advice that you can find online. This is the Guidelines page, read and bookmark it for a later use. It will save your blog from spam and other dangers. Of course, Google occupies more than 80% of the search market and that don’t need a comment.

I recommend Grammarly to correct your grammar, punctuations, spelling and everything in your posts. It’s the only tool that every blogger and professional writer should have.

If you follow these tips and applies them all, you should be able to have a good idea about your new source of income. Best of all, you will start blogging correctly by learning lots of tips and recommendations from other bloggers.

If I have something to add, it will be to forget monetizing your blog in the beginning, the content is everything and money come later when you get lots of visits.

Logically, you need a few months to get a few hundred of visitors from Google organic search. It’s not a rule, because things can be different from a niche to another, but take that as an average. If you need help or have something to add, you can use the comment section or simply contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

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