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Tips on How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Lots of people kill themselves with thousands of affiliate links, and products from here and there, with the hope that they start earning the first commission with affiliate marketing.

That’s truly a common thing between us all when we started. However, some mistakes should be avoided from the beginning, by using a clear and easy to follow steps and strategy, that successful marketers used.

Today, I’ll talk about the steps needed to achieve your affiliate marketing success goal without losing control. Just follow them and you will find the best way to start an affiliate marketing business that never fails.

Tips for successful Affiliate marketing business

Tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer

The “new niche” is no longer a rule

How many times have you heard about selecting a single niche and close your eyes? Probably dozens of times, at least. That’s not wrong, but also, not true, here is why:

If you’ve promoted some affiliate products in the last five years, you might find that some niches are easy to dominate overnight with a few good quality links, and even, some paragraphs and a few pages.

Nowadays, there are no hidden niche markets that you can explore and keep them secret. Even, if there is something that can be called “secret niche”, you ill find that the number of searches for that niche is nothing. It’s just a few searches per month and the success will not be guaranteed, especially, with cheap products.

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If you think about promoting new tech products before they launch, like iPhone, and Samsung smartphones, you will find thousands of marketers doing the same thing. That technic is not applicable now if you don’t have a good source of links and a good strategy to outrank the big guys.

Low competition is the right way

You have to understand that low competition is the key. There is no need to waste your time with keywords that people search hundreds of thousands of times per month. Big companies already invested millions of dollars to dominate that niche. And it’s not easy to compete with them, especially, with a small blog or new website.

However, you can find keywords with low competition, and I mean that a few sites are already ranked for them. Also, you should use keywords with less than 5.000 searches per month, and it will be excellent if you focus on the ones between 1000 and 2000. You will find fewer competitors, and it will be much easier to rank well there.

To find low competition keywords, forget Google Keyword Planner first. It’s the biggest database, but how you want to rank for keywords that millions of people see? It’s not easy now to find new keywords when marketers spend big budgets to analyze Google keywords and find the ones without high competition.

The good news is that you need to find other ways that are not too popular, and that have a good amount of data and analytics.

I recommend NicheFinder, it’s a keyword research software and Analytics tool that show you the keywords searches, the competition, the estimated traffic, and much more. Give it a try, and you will be amazed by how much potential you’re missing. The software works on your computer and has lots of advanced tools.

The low competition keywords will be marked with green color, and it’s easy to get ranked well with them if you follow some basic SEO tips.

Focus on trusted affiliate networks

What I mean here, is that there are networks that are new, and have no reputation or reviews. So, why waste your time and never get paid. That’s the wrong way to do affiliate marketing. You work hard and get sales, then, they get the money and never tells the reason for any action.

There are lots of good affiliate networks to join. They are trusted by millions of people and they are doing business professionally.

Trusted seller and products

The last thing that an affiliate needs are a scam seller and low-quality products. You have to know the site that you’re promoting and what makes them better from the competitors. Start with a Google search to find if people are really enjoying the product or not.

Sometimes you will avoid big scammers with a one minute search on Google. You can read how to select good products in ClickBank and promote it as an affiliate. Here are the top affiliate marketing products and niches to promote.

Diversify your affiliate business

New affiliates start promoting products with banner ads, and lots of them are spending large amounts of money in advertising networks. That’s not bad, but that strategy is no sustainable and there is no guarantee to still make profits.

If you look at the highest cost per click on Google, you will understand that at a certain level of competition, It becomes hard to recover the cost and make money from the profit.

Instead of focusing on a single way, create multiple income streams, and diversify your affiliate revenue.

When you have traffic from search engines, and from social media and advertising, you still do strong marketing with multiple options, and the risk is near to zero.

The same thing applies to affiliate products, you have to work with multiple programs. But, without making confusion for your readers, if you have a blog. No more than two products in the same niche is a good thing to go with.

For advertising, there is no need to focus on that, you can promote thousands of products in the same niche because you’re not limited by topics. Just advertise every niche on the targeted website, and make a few tests for the banner’s conversions and their placements. I always recommend Bing ads as a trusted ad network with amazing optimization and results.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget your email list, that you need to start building as soon as possible. If you have one, make sure to promote your affiliate products smartly, and not bombarding your subscribers with links.

Thus, you can achieve your affiliate marketing success easily, without mistakes. This is what works for now, but, sure that will not work forever, and we need to create new marketing strategies for the next years.

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