Best Point of Sale System for Small Businesses

Small business owners started thinking about a good point of sale software to add a flexible payment system to their sales and make their customers happy. It’s a good idea to use a POS system, but the real challenge is to find the software and the hardware with good features.

If you look at some POS systems in your nearest location, you will find many negative points, such as, the hardware technology that will work for a short period of time. Of course, when the internet connection is down, that system is completely useless, and that’s what makes a big difference between all those tools.

At the same time, if you know that the Bank of America offers a better system called Clover™ Station that works online and offline, you will be amazed. It’s a  complete point of sale equipment that can solve problems and make both, you, and your clients happy.

Best of all, they offer the lowest fees, and even, they promise to give you $500 if they couldn’t beat your actual credit card processing fees.

Today, I’ll talk about this premium quality and all in one point of sale terminal that comes with advanced hardware, smart software, and all you need. That includes a merchant account and the other applications that make your business successful, and your life easier.

Best Point of Sale Software for Small Business

Complete POS system for small retail businesses

This retail POS system is completely different from all the others. When the Bank Of America offers this hardware with the software and a merchant account and what you need, that means security, trust, and performance for your business.

I was looking for good merchant services that accept credit cards and allows a friend to accept payments using his mobile phone. I found that the Bank of America merchant services cost less than the others, and works better without a doubt.

The Clover™ Station comes with an encrypted connection to secure all your payments, and never let hackers access them. At the same time, the top quality hardware and software are offered by one of the most secure banking companies in the world.

That’s why using this service after contacting their sales team by phone, or chat is the only way to beat the competition in your business. If you offer a smart and secure way to accept payments, you will solve many problems with customers.

People care about their privacy, when they know that you’re using that system, you will win their trust like never before. The system works with all the small businesses, and it can be sued as a restaurant POS, hotel POS, retail POS, and what you can imagine. There is no limitation, and that’s what people are looking for.


You can access your sales and data everywhere, no matter if you’re using a desktop, mobile phone, or a tablet, your sales information and payment details are always available and secured.

The POS hardware includes:

  • Sleek touchscreen tablet with a card reader, and secure software that manages all your sales.
  • Fast printing receipt printer that solves all the problems we see in other systems.
  • Printer cables and paper.
  • Matching cash drawer.
  • Optional kitchen printer.

Cloud POS with encrypted data storage

This is the most important information to consider, this system store the sales data and all the information in the cloud. No matter if you have a problem locally, or similar issues, your data still stored securely, and protected from any access, you are the only one who can see that data.

If you search for some good POS systems for retailers, you will notice that security is not always their priority, especially, when it comes to cloud storage. Luckily what the Bank OF America offers is top security level.

If you’re looking for the best point of sale system for a restaurant, cafe, or any other business, then, see what you can get by calling their sales team. Of course, they have the best US-based customer support that’s available 24/7.

The merchant account and services

Not all the credit card processing services offer the same quality as the Bank of America. They solve all the issues that people find with their other service providers. After all, this is the number one, credit card processing service in the United States, and that’s a signal of trust.

For more information about their merchant fees and details, you can visit their website, and give them a call, or start a live chat with one of their experts.


Mobile POS system

This is the easiest, but the most powerful mobile POS system. Merchants get a free card reader and mobile Pat Application. If you want to accept payments wherever you are, this service lets people pay using their credit or debit cards.

Then, the transaction and the data work the same as the normal POS, but this time it’s supported on your mobile phone. That’s what makes things easy and flexible for every business owner.

How to apply for this POS?

As I said earlier, you will save lots of money when you use a merchant account with the POS system. That allows you to compare your actual card processing fees with their fees if you already accept credit and debit card payments.

Or, simply add your information and start the application in a few easy steps. I recommend the Bank OF America merchant account and the advanced POS system for every business owner who wants to take his sales to the next level and reduces costs and fees.

Retailers switch to this service because they see in real comparison how much money they can save, and most importantly, how much security and flexibility they get.

They accept credit cards wherever they are, using tablets, or mobile phones. Best of all, they still use the POS, even, if the internet is down. That’s what makes it the only recommended merchant account and POS solution, at the same time.

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