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Best CDN Service for Advertising and Serving Banners Super Fast

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With thousands of advertising networks and companies that run ads to a huge number of publishers, it’s a priority to have a good and fast CDN service that optimizes your banner ads and images, and make them load faster than the competitors.

That will not only help amazing your customers, but also, you will get extra security protection, and multiple location servers.

There is no need to have thousands of advertisers, to succeed your business, but, you need a powerful Content Delivery Network that keeps your actual advertisers interested in your business, and work more with you for the quality service you offer.

Speed is everything these days, and that’s why having the right CDN service provider is the first step to attract more advertisers, and grow your business.

After many tests and customers investigations, I recommend MaxCDN, as the only service that help really with results. They started their business from the infrastructure optimization, then, they installed the latest hardware technologies for the maximum speed. Then, they started working on details in their software development methods.

Now, they are the number one CDN in the world without a doubt. That’s not a simple word, but big companies like BuySellAds, Real Gravity, and ClickBooth, are serving their millions of banner visits through the MaxCDN network. That’s why they have one of the fastest banner ads today.

CDN built for speed and security

Lightning fast CDN

With powerful hardware, servers, and SSD based network, MaxCDN offer fast content delivery service from multiple locations around the globe. No matter what type of advertising you have, from text, to static and animated banner ads, you still get the maximum performance like never before.

The company offers shared or custom SSL certificates with the option of caching full pages, and of course, all images will be cached.

When it comes to DNS propagation, people won’t wait minutes or hours to see their ad modifications in real-time. Luckily, with this service, the propagation is instantly, and your clients get their modified designs in real-time. So, they can optimize their ads and see how they look, at the same time.

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Not all the CDN services are reliable, unlike the others, this one guarantee 100% uptime with SLA. So, no worries about your business. At the same time, I should mention that MaxCDN is one of the few companies that offer high quality caching system and good prices, at the same time.

If you take a simple comparison with other CDN providers, you will notice immediately the big difference between them. However, MaxCDN offer better services and real performances.

Flexibility and easy set up

The activation is instantly and you can start running your ads through this powerful service. In a few minutes after creating your account, and adding your details, you have default multiple location servers. They are fast and optimized for advertising solutions.

At the same time, you can add extra location as you need, and that’s directly from your control panel.

If you take a look at the control panel itself, you will find the easy design that makes things clear for the user. In a few clicks, you can add, or configure your CDN hosting service, without the need to send tickets or ask experts.

Advertising CDN Service

Extreme security

You can secure your account with a Two-Step Authentication set up. It’s easy and you need your phone number to login every time for better protection. So, no one can access your dashboard without getting the correct confirmation code in your phone.

Furthermore, they offer an IP whitelisting service. You can exclude, or include IP addresses that can access your account, website, or banner ads.

You can also block referrers by IP, and that’s a good feature if you have spammers and you need to block them from accessing your site. Of course, you can set up the automatic email notification system. So whenever you change anything in your account, a confirmation will be sent to your email.

These are a few of all the MaxCDN features that come with every account. When you need to serve your advertising business through their network, you will notice that they worth every single cent of your investment. It’s not just a caching system, but it’s a complete content delivery solution used by thousands of customers and websites.

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