How to Change Font Colors and Size in WordPress

The majority if not all the modern themes come with a font editor, where you can change the font colors in WordPress, and much more. But sometimes, you can’t really find a solution to edit the font and make it relevant to your theme and layout.

This is a critical situation, especially, for people who use outdated themes. In other cases, to change everything for the font, you need to test many settings and hope that you find the best color. Today, I’ll show you how to edit the font colors in WordPress in all the themes, even, for themes without a control panel.

Font plugin for WordPress

No more problems with the font in WordPress, all you have to do is installing the free Font plugin. It’s the best solution to change the font colors and sizes in your blog. You get all the power of WordPress to extend your theme and change the initial settings to adapt everything to colors and layout.

Now, you need to install and activate the plugin. This easy tool allows you to edit the font, directly in your browser, there is no need to set configuration or complicated options.

How to use the Font plugin?

It’s easy to use, just open your blog page in the browser as usual. Then, you’ll notice a new option called ”Font Settings” added to the WordPress bar at the top page, so, click that option link.

change font colors in wordpress

Next, you get a small window on the left page, as in the next example.

change font size in WordPress

Click on that ”Pick any element” button, select any word in the part that you want the colors to be changed. A dashed border will be set around the text. At the same time, a new pop up window will be opened to create a unique name for that selected area. Just enter any name to make it as an ID for that option.

selction ID

Now, your job is to set the color and everything that you need, to make your text as you want. To change a regular text, for example, select a paragraph. To edit the link colors, select any link, and so on.

edit size and colors

As you can see, the Font plugin doesn’t need any settings to start working. To set all your blog posts at once, you just need to open any post in the browser, then edit it. Then, the settings will be applied to all your other posts.

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For pages, you need sometimes to edit every page alone. Just set one size and color to apply to all your pages. This plugin lets you customize your theme text, link colors, and sizes. But, it will need some additional time to set all.

If you’re familiar with CSS and HTML, you can easily find your text and link codes in your browser. I recommend Google Chrome, visit your website and right-click, then, click “inspect element” and the website styling codes will be there. This method will give you better results and even in fast settings. You don’t have to edit the same thing many times just because of the web page change.

You can also learn how to customize CSS in WordPress using the JetPack plugin. This method allows you to add the CSS code directly to your theme, through a plugin. Thus, you avoid problems and errors with your theme if something wrong happens during the editing.

Please add your own method to change the font size and colors in WordPress through other plugins, if you’ve used one.

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