Email Marketing Subject Lines Tips

Email Marketing Subject Lines: Tips for Maximum Click-Through Rates

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Email marketing become a business in our days, thousands of companies create articles about how to succeed and to get the maximum clicks in your emails. But, not all of them will share their real secrets, Yes, it’s a secret to succeed and create that perfect subject line for your marketing emails.

If you learn the exact tips, you can succeed and discover how many mistakes you’re doing. The good news is that you will learn simple email marketing subject lines and tips to get the highest click-through rates, when creating good email with attractive subject lines.

Email Marketing Subject: why it’s important?

Your email subject is the first weapon to attract readers, no one will open your email if you use regular, or spam methods. Inside that subject line, you can force people to open it, even, if they’re not interested. You can get up to 70 opened emails out of 100 or even more, if you know how to optimize your subject.

At the same time, you don’t need to be a professional marketer with years of experience to achieve the success. You can stand out from others and create a strong marketing business, with just your email list and interested subscribers. You can also, learn more about these tips to build and keep your Email List.

Words to avoid in your emails

If you receive regular emails from marketers, you notice that most of their subjects start, or include, words like “free” and “you’re a winner”. This why most of their emails are neglected and brings unsubscribers, instead of readers.

Statistics show that emails with those spam words get the minimum clicks through rates. This is why you need to avoid them if you want to succeed. The words to avoid are:

”Free”, ”you won”, ”you’re a winner”, ”help”, ”reminder”, ”percent off”, ”please open”.

These are the most known words, but sure new words will be added when new spam technics born.

Email Marketing Subject Lines tips

The main reason why people neglect these types of emails is that all happens in their psychological sense, if they find repetitive spam emails again again again. The only thing that they will never forget is the subject, the next time their brains take a quick scan comparing the new subject line with the old opened emails.

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The brain gives a negative (red) signal, if he finds common words detected as spam. This how your brain work with email marketing, it’s a spam filter.

You can add other spam words for yourself, all depends on your niche. If you’re a health expert who receives daily marketing emails about health, you can find different spam and repetitive words than other niche about ”marketing software” for example. So, you can add some words that you think they’re spam, and avoid using them in your next email. That’s how to get the maximum profit from the others mistakes.

Use Localization if possible

Statistics from MailChimp prove that using places will help to improve the open rates. This why you should include a city name if you invite people to an event, of course, this is applied when there is a place related to your email. People take these types of mail seriously, and they will open them.

It’s recommended to include only the city name, make it clear and simple, “New York” is better than “Mike’s store in New York”.

Never use the same subject line

If you want to send an email with the same topic like the others, use different subject and never use your old one. As I said, people scan your subject, and they will neglect your email, even, if the inside is the best in the world. The subject is all, it’s the first image that reflects the email content.

It’s not a hard work to create another attractive subject. But, if the subject is too close and you don’t have many creative options, like “invitation for affiliate marketing in Ottawa” and the event still in the same city, you can change it to something like “Second affiliate marketing invitation in Ottawa”

The subject line length

This is not a complicated thing to understand, but many marketers continue using too long email subjects with 100 characters, or even more. As the Google page search result, you have a limited space to show your title. The best way is to be clear and limit the title under the 50-60 characters, it will look professional and easy to understand.

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You should think about people who receive 30 or 100 emails per day, they scan the clear subjects with minimum words. So, keep it simple for them, and they will look at your subject, then decide to click on it or not. The most important thing is to take things by steps, to look at your email subject is something that happens before opening it.

You can also test your subject lines from time to time, and compare which one, perform well, and which others need to change. It’s a great method to succeed with email marketing.


As you can see, to create a good email subject line, you need to avoid spam words like “free” and “please open”. Include a location if you have one and limit the length to 50-60 maximum characters. In the end, ask yourself if your subject makes you want to click it or not, this is the only way to test it before clicking that “send” button.

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