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Nowadays, you can find thousands of online courses in all the topics, from HTML and web design to Java and PHP. But, what makes some of these courses amazing and featured is their high quality and professionalism. I’ve found the best of the best online courses in programming and I’ll share them in this post.

They were created by expert programmers in different domains, However, the huge number of lessons can be a problem to find what you need exactly. Luckily, there is a complete online learning platform called Udemy, it was created by academic people and professors of all ages. The only requirement is to be serious and want to learn something new.

What amazed me, even more, is that Udemy has over 2 million students in all the topics. These students are coming from popular universities that believe in the quality and the trust of this learning platform.

The good thing is that there are free and paid courses, so, a person who needs to learn something new every day and upgrade his/her life to the next level is easier than other ways, where they find paid courses only.

You will be surprised by the quality of the free course offered by professors and experts. At the same time, there are thousands of paid lessons with videos and explanations to easily learn and understand.

Now, let’s talk about these programming and coding courses, then, we will talk about the best design and graphics courses.

Best online course for programming

The following courses were selected among others for the quality of the content. Furthermore, they come all with hours of videos course and lessons, and they are all reviewed by students and you can browse reviews one by one when visiting the course’s page.

Also, a good course should attract lots of people, and that’s what happened, there are hundreds of enrolled students for each course.

1. Become a certified web developer

To give these courses their real value, I should say that they are the only lessons to learn how to become a web developer from scratch. With 12 hours of high-quality video lessons and 183 courses, you don’t have any way to fail.

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Unlike many other courses, this one focuses on the relations between the chapters and make learning a pleasure if you’re passionate about what you are doing. These courses include everything, as coding languages, to be a real developer.

The best part is that you can apply to be a certified developer later. What counts in these days is not a diploma on the wall, like millions of people around the world without jobs, but what big companies are searching for is a developer and a programmer with real work and a portfolio.

best online courses for programming

When you have a certificate from a well-known developer and you can create your own work, and show it as a portfolio, there are no chances to be rejected by companies. Browse popular programming jobs on sites and you will find that they need proof that you’re a developer, and they don’t ask for your diploma unless you have work.

2. Web developer from scratch

This is a high-quality coding course that includes 268 lectures and 8 chapters that make things easier to understand, even if you’re a newbie. What makes these lessons great is the regular update with the latest programming language changes.

As we all know, that HTML for example, is now HTML5, and not all the online coding courses teach this language with videos and lectures like this one. This is why there are over 32,000 students who learn codes from this course. Also, there are hundreds of real reviews made by students who trust what they are learning.

Programming courses

At the end of each chapter, you will learn exactly how to create simple applications for each coding language. You will learn all these languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • jQuery

3. Programming Java for beginners

If you want to learn JAVA without making things complex, then this is the right lesson and tutorial for you. There are over 9 hours of quality content in videos, with  115 lectures and lots of information that comes organized and easy to understand.

In each chapter, there are exercises to test what you’ve learned, and what you can do with it later. In the end, you will learn the basics of Java and how to create applications with it. This is a paid course.

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programming for beginners

If you need free tutorials, then, you can take a look at the Java Tutorials. They are helpful and created especially, for people without any knowledge about Java.

4. From HTML to App store in 60 minutes

As its title, this course lets you understand the basics of HTML without being bombarded by lots of details and information. Actually, there are 11,000 students for these courses and lots of them become developers later.

In the end, you will learn how to create your own applications for iPhone and Android devices. The best part is that there is a coding template ready to use by the developer of these courses. He created lots of applications and he helps students with ready to use the template to create apps.

learn Html to create applications

5. iOS 7 & Mac OS X programming

It’s not easy to learn the Apple framework use and how to create iOS and Mac applications in general. But, what these courses offer is more than easy to understand, there are 4 hours of content in video learning, with lifetime access to over 72 lectures and many other resources and information.

These courses teach how to use the X code and the Apple framework to over 18,000 students. These courses need an Apple Mac computer to learn and apply what you’ve learned.

6. Website building from scratch with HTML & CSS

These courses are recommended for students, bloggers, and any person who needs to build his own website without the need to buy products or asking for help. Of course, that needs lots of work and a strong desire to learn.

Luckily, these programming courses make things clear with HTML tutorials and how to style the looking and make it custom.

With 8 hours of video content and 77 lessons and tutorials, you will kill the HTML and CSS barriers and start building websites. All things seem hard at the beginning, but when you want to learn and go the way, things become easy to realize.

learning online

Actually, these courses teach HTML and CSS to over 18,000 students, and the best thing is that it starts with zero knowledge about coding. Even, if you don’t have any idea about site creation, you can understand these lessons easily.

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7. Python web programming

Python is a dynamic programming language with lots of syntaxes and uses. It’s not easy to understand how to start with basic levels and create scripts later. These courses take the student in a step by step and easy to understand tutorials, to learn how to program with Python the easiest way.

At the same time, there many guides and 3 hours of videos to learn how to manage the databases with Python and use the FTP server properly. Actually, these attractive lessons and courses are used by 18,000 students.

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