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To build a website, you need hard work with design and settings. That can take additional time, and launching the site with all its functions becomes hard. However, there is a smart way that lets you capture email leads and shows a beautiful coming soon, or maintenance mode page, to visitors. Adding a countdown can inform your readers about the exact launching date.

At the same time, finding the best coming-soon WordPress plugin is challenging. There are lots of other tools like plugins and even themes. That’s why I’ve spent some time testing and searching for the best under-construction WordPress plugin that lets web admins use their actual email marketing services, such as MailChimp, Aweber, iContact, and all the other popular services.

Luckily, there is a professional plugin that can be called the best of the best. It does all the work and even helps to attract new sign-ups through the beautiful design. The plugin is called SeedProd and has powerful features that make things professional. It’s my top recommended tool to use when you are building a website or blog.

Professional “coming soon” plugin for WordPress

When people start thinking about a coming soon tool, most use themes, which is a big mistake. The theme is limited in functions, and it’s just a design. The under-construction theme, in general, is one page with static content, and it becomes unused when the website is launched. So, why use a thing that will be forgotten later?

That’s why a plugin is the best choice. It lets you set advanced parameters, customize the under-construction page, and add a beautiful countdown with many other tools.

When you need brief website maintenance in the future, all you have to do is to turn the maintenance plugin on. Then, a professionally designed page will replace the entire website. You can add helpful information such as an email subscription, box, sharing buttons, and others.

This premium and professional plugin is fully compatible with all WordPress features. SeedProd works with any WordPress theme, the plugin also works with multi-site, and that’s good for communities, regular websites, and blogs. As with any WordPress plugin, the update is easy and runs from the WordPress dashboard. In all cases.

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The plugin can filter visitors and show a specific page for some IP addresses and another for different IPs or Geo-locations.

Look at these fantastic “coming soon templates” on the Showcase page with lots of real sites using this plugin.

The Coming Soon Pro plugin comes with social media integrations, and you can add the following networks:

  • Google Plus One
  •  YouTube
  •  Flickr
  •  Vimeo
  •  Pinterest
  •  Instagram
  •  Twitter
  •  Facebook
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Foursquare
  •  Tumblr

And, of course, you can add RSS subscription options.

Supported email marketing services

You can add a beautiful email subscription box for the following services:

  • Mailchimp
  •  Aweber
  •  Campaign Monitor
  •  GetResponse
  •  MailPoet
  •  iContact
  •  Mad Mimi
  •  Feedburner

You can customize these forms and more with Gravity Forms.

For sharing buttons, you can add all the popular buttons, which will help get more followers and interested people.

The design

When it comes to design, you can create an eye-catching coming soon landing page and maintenance mode page. You have all the tools to customize the CSS and add a beautiful progress bar that tells people about the current step in your website building.

Of course, there is an option to add a custom favicon to look more professional and help people to remember your site if they bookmark it in browsers.

The good thing is that you can add a special page after the user signs up. It can be a thank you page or whatever you want.

For videos and photos, the plugin comes with easy integration of multimedia. You can extend the page and make it more attractive, with videos and images in other cases.

You have Google fonts integrated for fonts, and you can use them easily with a click of a button. And we shouldn’t forget the search-engine-friendly optimization that comes with this powerful plugin.

Tips to optimize your coming soon page

The SeedProd coming soon pro plugin was created especially for WordPress users who need a professional and easy-to-customize coming soon and maintenance mode page. However, the plugin must reflect your opinion and what you need from that page.

So, make sure to set your primary goal by using any under-construction plugin. If you want to tell visitors about the launching date, then a progress bar or a countdown time is what you need. You can also add a short video if you have one.

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In other cases, if you’re building a membership website, you need to add an email subscription box that attracts sign-ups before the launching date. The social media buttons are also required only if you have some active followers, at least. Make sure to add only active social profiles and not new profiles without followers. That seems unprofessional, even when you’re building the website.

You don’t know exactly the source of your visitors, and some of them come to find information. The background is an essential element on the page, making it attractive and eye-catching. A simple page that says “under construction” or “coming soon” without an attractive background won’t give results. It will look like any other website.

But, when you make it attractive, with a good photo, for example, that will bring more sign-ups, and the visitor will remember the website. Then, people will come back later to see what the site looks like when it becomes live.

If you don’t have photos, you can browse Flickr and use images with user permissions to avoid copyright problems. There are millions of professional photographers; you can easily select the one that suits your needs and tells the message to your visitors.

I’ve tried two other plugins, and none of them include the features and professionalism that SeedProd has. That’s why I recommend it as a professional under-construction plugin for WordPress sites.

It’s a plugin that extends the classic coming soon page functions, making them powerful tools to interact with visitors, build your email marketing list, and grow the number of subscribers simultaneously.

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