7 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Sales and Support

To connect with your customers or website members, you need an instant messaging system for sending support tickets and getting real-time answers. However, not all WordPress live chat plugins are the same. Some of them are free but with basic functions. And the others are premium and extended with powerful functionality, including strong PHP coding and others.

Today, we will talk about the best WordPress live chat plugins for sales, help desk, and support. You just need to select the one that suits your needs and your customer experience.

Top premium WordPress live chat plugins

In a professional way, premium plugins show your professionalism to your customers, and that you want to help them and you’re ready for that. The design should follow the general website’s colors, and the user should be easy for both you and your customers.

1. PHP Live Chat

This is the best live chat plugin for WordPress, it’s a PHP chat plugin that comes with a beautiful design, and you can customize it as you want. The plugin includes high-quality avatars and additional icons. Also, it works with a full screen if you want, and it’s optimized for mobile devices.

If you’re offline, your customers can fill out a contact form directly from the chat tool, and you’ll never miss a message. You can also use the widget chat, that’s an animated tool.

 2. Smooth Ajax Chat

This is another good WordPress live chat plugin for sales and support. It’s easy to install through the auto-installer, the messages can be translated into 39 languages, and this will help even more. At the same time, the system supports unlimited simultaneous chat conversations. So, no more worries when you get an additional number of customers who need help. You can easily chat with them at the same time.

The plugin includes a beautiful audio and visual notification system. Furthermore, there is a delivery notification to make sure that the message was received correctly. If you add a link, it will be automatically converted into a real link, and it can be clicked normally from the chat window.

As an extra feature, you control the time needed to refresh the chat window and all its parameters.

3. WordPress Live Chat Plugin

This is great, recommended, and an easy-to-use chat plugin, it’s fully open source. So, you can customize the full code if you want. It can be called the best WordPress live chat plugin that works with multiple operators, and a customer can fill out a form, if no one is online, at that moment. You get an instant email notification when someone wants to chat.

4. Gateways Live Chat

Your customers or even visitors can chat with you by entering their nicknames. Then, the system will generate a unique ID to identify them, if they are not members. The plugin works on PHP, and it’s an Ajax-based application.

What makes this plugin faster is its simple and light design. There are no complicated layouts or options to use. The plugin includes an anti-spam detection system to protect your website and server from automatic operations and bits.

5. Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO

This is a powerful video chat system. Unlike many other tools, this one lets you select which users to receive calls from, and others to call only, and that will help if you have multiple operators. The video includes a

  • Chat
  • A group chat option, with file transfer
  • Chat roulette mode

The best part is that you don’t have to install or add any other tool. It’s not only the best chat plugin for WordPress, but it also works automatically, and it’s optimized for mobile phones.

6. Video Chat

This is another WordPress online chat plugin to communicate face-to-face with your clients. I highly recommend this tool for freelancers and web developers. That’s simply because they need to find very detailed information about their work, and a chat video will help to communicate with their clients the right way.

It’s a responsive design tool with beautiful colors, and it’s attractive by default. Of course, the data is updated automatically. This application needs at least PHP 5.1.0, the Cron Jobs in your cPanel account, and good server resources. You need, at least, a VPS hosting to work well with this plugin.

7. WordPress Live Chat with Web & Windows Clients

This plugin includes a Windows-based notification tool. It lets visitors see instant notifications from their desktop bar. At the same time, you can customize the look by selecting one of the 4 predefined colors. You can also customize the plugin, and it supports multiple languages.

Up to you

These are the best live chat plugins for WordPress, they have all the options and the tools to communicate with your customers using messages, videos, and even both. That way, you stay in touch with people who need your help, and that’s what helps to build a professional business.

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