Best WordPress FAQ Plugins to Use

For many websites, the FAQ page is a must-have tool for users. So, the webmaster looks for a great way to install or add the feature. Today, I’ll list the best sources to find the greatest WordPress FAQ Plugins. Just use the one that suits your site’s needs and specifications.

The importance of these FAQ pages is not only for your users but also, for your own business. You will save lots of time, and solve many problems before receiving the ticket. That’s why installing a plugin that shows your most used asked questions, it’s a good way to look professional.

Professional FAQ plugins for WordPress

1. Sugar FAQs

This is a premium quality plugin that comes with lots of features and functions. You can create custom FAQ pages on WordPress and assigns topics to each section. The plugin work on CSS3 and that will amaze your users, with high-quality animations and designs.

Of course, the plugin offers the latest browser compatibility, and it works with the modern web browsers, and also the old ones. The plugin offers lots of customization, and many theme colors to choose from.

I recommend this plugin, because of its quality and the powerful options that you can find.

Best WordPress FAQ plugins

2. WordPress FAQs

This is the second recommended plugin for every FAQ page or post, you want to create. After installing and activating this tool, set up your categories and everything you need. Then, create the page that will display the frequently asked questions, and organize them as you need.

The best thing about this plugin is the drag and drop feature, it makes things easy for both, newbies and advanced users. You can reorganize your items and categories one by one, in a few easy clicks. This plugin offers a shortcut function that lets you insert the FAQ directly into any page or post.

3. Fancy FAQ

Unlike other plugins that can look the same on your pages, this one offers an easy to use functions. Best of all, the page itself is easy to read and to understand by people who need help. Your FAQ categories will be well-organized, and the easy color selection makes things, even better.

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The layout is responsive, which means a better user experience. At the same time, the FAQ can be displayed on a page, post, or widget.

The CSS intimations for the questions and answers sections look great, and that makes your website awesome.

Fancy FAQ

4. SP responsive WP-FAQ

This is a free FAQ plugin for WordPress, it comes with fewer options, and there are no advanced features to use. However, it’s a good choice for those who look for free tools for a simple website. You can create your categories of questions, and organize them easily. Also, the shortcut option can be used to display the page manually on your website.

5. Superior FAQ

What makes this plugin different, is the search box, where people can find answers easily. But, when it comes to functions, you have many of them, everything can be edited and customized. Even, you can choose from 3 different shortcuts for the search box, the listing, and the most popular asked questions.

The voting system lets your users add their feedback, and give a vote for help. That will give you a great idea about your page, and what you need to make things better.

The plugin comes with different layouts and different effects like an accordion and the tooltip. If you need a custom template for specific pages, you can use the option for that. Also, the excerpt function can be used instead of the full content when needed.

Frequently asked questions

Tips for better FAQ pages

To make sure that all your FAQ pages are optimized for both, human users and Google bots, you need to make the font size bigger than 12 pixels, and avoid using lots of colors. Simply, use a clean design that looks great and easy, at the same time.

When you complicate the design and add more options, things can be worst and that’s what you don’t need.

It’s recommended to check your received emails for support and help. Your inbox can give you a good idea about the categories of your FAQ page. If you need to explain a tutorial, link to a video, or even, create a step by step tutorial with screenshots and steps to follow.

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For better SEO optimizations, use a URL friendly system like the Yoast plugin. It can be used for all your website URLs, and you can edit them manually when you need them. Avoid using numbers and characters in your pages, and you will get a better ranking in search engines. Your users can find your FAQ pages using Google and other places.

FAQ Pages are good for your business, but remember to offer a live chat system that works smoothly. Then, add phone support if you can, and let your business go to the next level.

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