How to Fix the WordPress Visual Editor Problem Easily

If you’ve upgraded your WordPress website from the oldest versions like 3.9 to the new versions of WordPress 4.0, you already noticed that your visual post and page editor is broken. You can’t scroll to see the post or to continue writing.

In other cases, the editor itself will not be showing at all. Or, you can’t edit by adding specific actions, like adding a link or any other formatting option.

The big problem is that when you search the forums and sites talking about the issue, you will lose your patience with solutions that never work, simply, because they’re wrong, or not for your exact situation. So, let’s fix this problem now.

Fixing the WordPress visual editor

You can’t fix the problem by deactivating all your plugins, or one by one, as people suggest. At the same time, it’s not a problem with your theme in the majority of cases.

So, switching themes will never solve the problem. In general, it’s an issue with your cached files saved in Cloudflare if you’re using it as a CDN, or, the Google Page Speed Service Cache if you use it. If you’re using other CDN services, you will need to flush the cache.

To fix the WordPress visual editor problem from CloudFlare, you need to login into your account first. Then,  click websites, then, click the parameter icon at the right of your website name, and next select CloudFlare Settings as the below screenshot.

Fix the WordPress Visual Editor ProblemNow, all you have to do is to click the “purge cache” button that’s in green, and the old cache will be deleted immediately, to give the place to the newly updated cache that will be regenerated instantly.

CloudFlare Cache Purge

That’s it for CloudFlare, the old cache that saves the data that caused the update problem will be fixed, and you can check your site. If nothing happens, then, you need to delete your WordPress cache, and your browser cache, or change the browser completely.

If you’re using the Google Page Speed service, then, login and select the “Caching and Errors” tab as the below example from the old dashboard that’s clear then the new one.

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WordPress Visual editor Broken

On that page, you need to scroll down and add your website Url in the “Flush Cache” box like the following form.*

Please make sure that you add your site Url as that form, and only replace your domain name, save the ‘star’ symbol and everything. You need to keep the selection of both HTML and resources.

Purge Google page speed cache

Finally, click the Flush button, and Google will delete the old cache and replace it with your latest updates and the broken editor will be fixed and it will work again after the upgrade.

The above solutions will work if there is a caching problem that broke the post editor in WordPress. However, make sure to clear your site cache if it’s not updated automatically. You don’t have to edit any file or upgrading WordPress manually and cause extra problems that you don’t need.

If you’ve another solution to fix any of these WordPress editor problems, I’ll be happy to see your comment with your solutions on how to fix them. In some cases, the problem can be different in nature, but, has the same look as the others. That’s why adding your comment will help others.

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