Best Screenshot Software For Mac and Windows

There are lots of tools and applications to record your screen with video or screenshots. But, when it comes to the best screenshot software, only Snagit can work perfectly for both, Windows and Mac machines. It’s a powerful desktop recorder with a high-quality image editing tool, that you can’t find anywhere else.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the features that come with this screen recording software. You can use it with features like adding arrows, texts, images, forms, and everything you need. At the same time, you can record a full screen on HD quality, and much more.

Screenshot and video recording software

Of course, we’re talking about a complete video and screenshot capturing tool, but to make things clear, it’s better to separate each function. With Snagit, you’re able to create your own images and screenshots with a few clicks, and without wasting your time with other tools that never work as you want.

Unlike the other tools, this one comes with exclusive options to create videos from your screen. To record your computer screen, click the software launch button, and you will get two options, to save a screenshot, or, to record the video.

Best Screenshot Software

  • Video Trimming

This is the best screen recorder software. Indeed, when you need to edit your video and correct some recording mistakes, you can use this function easily. If you look at other sites, you will find that no other tool offers this feature.

Also, you can delete any part of your video to clean it. It’s not easy to record a full video without making some mistakes, and sometimes, you notice that you’ve spent more time on a specific part that needs to be brief. So, you can remove any recording section of your video in the same interface.

  • Frame Capturing

This is also an advanced and easy to use Mac video screen capture software. You can create images from your video. All you have to do is to click the start video player, then, click the frame capture button in the exact video part that you want to take the image from. And it will be saved as a screenshot to be edited as you want.

  • Share and Upload your Videos
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With this easy screen recording software, you can upload the video directly to YouTube, Dropbox, FTP, the Camtasia Studio, and more. You can also, send the video to another program on your computer, to edit it if you want with your custom tools. Of course, there is an option to share the video on ScreenCast.

upload and share videos

Screenshot capture software

Snagit is one of the few, if not, the only screencast software that lets you Capt screenshots and edits them from the same place. There are no complicated tools to use, the full software was built to offer the easiest capturing and editing for all users. There is no technical knowledge, even, a child can use this tool.

To start capturing your screen, click the software button that will be at the top of your screen, and you can place it anywhere you want. Then, you will get the two options, in this time, you need to select the photo button.

By the way, this is the fastest Microsoft screen recorder that you can find these days. Unlike other tools, there is no need for custom optimization or hardware settings. It works like a lightweight software that never affects the machine’s memory.

  • Full-screen recorder

You can use this option to save the full screen of your laptop, desktop, or even, mobile phone. The best part is that the capture quality will be the best, and if you compare it to other tools, you will find a big difference.

You don’t need to click lots of buttons to save a capture, just select the full-page, or the screen, and it will be captured automatically. Then, you will be taken to the editing tool to add what you want.

  • Selected area screenshots

You can capture a selected area of your screen, just adjust that section, and the screenshot will be ready for you to edit. You can see the width and the height of your selected area, and that’s a good option if you want a specific dimension. You can edit the size later in the editing tool.

  • Scrolling Capture

This is a powerful function that lets you capture the full web page screen. Of course, you need to scroll down to see that page. But, with this screen recorder, you can just click on the arrow that appears at the bottom of each section, and it will scroll the page automatically.

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Then, the tool will take the screenshot like a professional photo editor, and even, better. The scaling option works when you’re on a web page. So, make sure that you have a web page, then, the button will appear at the bottom.

Professional screenshot editing

This is the best thing about this software, it comes with amazing options and functions. You can add arrows from all sizes and colors, there are lots of stamps to use. You can extend your image information easily. There are also lots of forms to use and other options including.

  • Image resize
  • Image rotate
  • Special effects
  • Cut Out
  • Trim
  • Canvas color
  • Crop
  • Selection
  • Beautiful Arrows
  • Stamps
  • Google drives integration
  • YouTube, Dropbox integration
  • Pen
  • Highlight area with your custom color
  • Blur
  • Steps with numbers
  • Shapes
  • Lines Callout and much more…

Watch the video below to learn more about the features that come with the tool, the best screen recording software ever.

Of course, Snagit is the best-paid desktop screenshot software. There is a team and hard work behind the scene, and that’s what makes the professional tools in the end.

I’ve used some free tools, but, none of them works like this one. That’s why I recommend it for people who look for professional capturing and recording on their laptops and desktops.

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