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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools to Manage Everything from One Place

Affiliate marketers use lots of tools and programs to manage campaigns, and to find in real-time what happens in their sites. However, the work becomes complicated with multiple tools. But, what if you get a complete affiliate business monitoring system?

Today, I’m going to show you the best affiliate marketing tools, with all the needs and the features that you need, but, this time, from one single dashboard. It’s called Affilotools and it’s the perfect solution for every affiliate marketer.

The best affiliate marketing tools

Let’s take a look at the options and the features that makes this website, the ideal tool for affiliate marketing.

Keyword manager

In this area, you can add your main keywords that you want to use in your campaigns and sites. Then, you will get a full report every day about the performance, and the ranking. You can see the search engine ranking for each keyword, and if it improves or lost positions.

So, you can decide to keep your work, or even, work better if you have new competitors. Also, the tool lets you import keywords from your Google Analytics account.

best affiliate marketing tools

Website health check

This is a powerful tool that will check your website links, posts, images, and everything else. Then, you will get suggestions to improve your ranking, and get more traffic by applying some tips, and fixing hidden errors and problems that no other tool can detect.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

The tool includes on page SEO check, and the indexing scores with other options that every website needs.

Website traffic

This section brings all the Google Analytics functions like, the traffic and more to your Affilotools dashboard. You don’t have to login very day to your Google Analytics account in order to view your website traffic and searches. All you have to do in this step is simply to connect your account and that’s it.

The revenue section

In this area, you will find your ClickBank earnings and performances. You can see your hopes, sales, refunds, and all the other data and details that you can find in your ClickBank account. But, you find all that from your same dashboard, with all the site tracking and options.

Of course, you can use any of the high-quality lessons to improve your affiliate marketing earning, by applying the smartest strategies.

The SEO section

You can see your keyword rankings and the website performance on search engines. Each keyword has its own statistics and you can check them individually if you want. At the same time, you can see the keyword that gets better ranking, and the others that lose positions.

The backlinks analytics, is another good tool to use, it scans your backlinks, and shows your domain authority, the page rank, the IP addresses, and much more.

Social tab

This is an important section, especially, if you have social accounts that you want to track and improve. You can see your Facebook and Twitter shared links and their performances.

What makes this amazing tool, powerful, is the type of data that you get like the age of your followers, and more detailed information that no other tool offers, with that quality and options.

Research area

This is my favorite tab, you can start your keyword research to find a new idea with low competition to rank well in Google.

It’s all about the low competitiveness of your market, if you want to rank naturally, and guarantee good results without risking your business. At the same time, you can find amazing data in your research like, the competition, and the cost per click, if you have Adsense.

 Keyword research tool

The best part is that you can select the exact Google version of your research. You can add any of the local sites to get the monthly searches and more information.

The same tool comes with powerful domain name research tool. There, you can find available domains, based on your keyword, and you can include, or, exclude characters, and numbers.

domain name tool

Link finder

You can use this tool to find link building opportunities from sites in your niche. All you have to do is to start a search based on your keyword. This is the easiest option to get related sites and blogs to commenting on them for links. But, please be helpful and never look spammer, it’s good for all.

Honestly, I never recommend building links, they come naturally when people find your content. But, if you should build links, then, this is a helpful tool that will save you lots of time searching for the places to use.

 link finder tool

This is the Affilotools that you can use to check and monitor your affiliate business in one place. It’s easy to use and powerful in functions, and you will find much more features.

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