Best GPS Tracking Devices and Applications for Kids

Tracking children’s activities to protect them from predators and unwanted activities can take some time. But, when you use one of the popular and trusted tracking devices or applications, you will be able to save lots of time and money.

I’ve selected the below list to help you select the best GPS tracking device or application for kids, based on their performance, quality, and their services. What you need is a device that works well in all conditions.

The device should have good battery life and many more features, like accessing the GPS maps in real-time to see what happens.

Best of all, you can use the custom zones to get alerts when your children are near a dangerous location. You can also get notifications when they exceed a certain speed limit driving the card, and much more.

Tools to track children using GPS

1. Amber Alert

This is a small GPS tracker device to monitor your child and to get alerts when specific actions happen. The device uses GPS technology, cellular voice, and the AT&T 3G network. So, you can call your child, and he can also talk to you, using the 2-way voice option.

The best part is that there is an SOS button that ten children can use in an emergency situation, and when they need your help, they can be in touch with you instantly.

You also have the safe zone option to get alerts when your child enters or exits a specific geographical location. Of course, you need to protect your loved boy or girl, and you can get text alerts when they are near any sex offender’s home.

The GPS tracking device comes with many features, and in summary, they are:

  • GPS Tracking is updated every five minutes
  • 2-way voice to stay connected with your child with real-time communications
  • customized zones
  • Predator alerts to protect your child
  • speed Alert to get notifications when your child exceeds the maximum allowed speed
  • get your child’s locations sent to you automatically, you can schedule by minutes or hours and get the full list
  • device ON/OFF alert, you get a text message when the device is activated or deactivated
  • battery alert when it reaches the 15% level
  • block incoming calls in the class’s hours

This GPS locator for your child comes with your online dashboard, where you can log in, add, or remove users, and track every single location during the day, and even, the last days.

If you want to track the actual location, click on any of your user’s names, and the locations will be ready to see. If you want to see the last day’s activities, browse the history, and you will be able to select the exact date; then, you get the full list of locations.

This smart  GPS tracking solution has a weight of only 2.35 ounces, and the battery life is estimated to be 40 hours.

2. Phone tracker app

This is a cell phone tracking application from the same company as the above one. It was created, especially, for mobile phones, and it can be used by installing the app for iPhone, and Android phones. Then, you can start monitoring all the locations, calls, and everything else.

There are two plans for this app, the first one was created for single-child tracking, and the second one supports up to 6 family members.

3. Phone Beagle

This is a complete phone tracker application that works for Android and BlackBerry phones. You need to install the application on your child’s cell phone. And then, install the application on your desktop, or mobile phone, to see the dashboard with the GPS map and all the tracking tools that you have.

The best part about this cell phone tracking app is that you can track everything on the phone, including:

  • Facebook activities, messages, and more
  • live chat messages received and sent
  • GPS and network location data
  • remote blocking for unwanted sites or applications
  • Web browsing history
  • SMS text messages, both received and sent
  • call history
  • phone event and log activities
  • application alerts for spyware and other risks

This is a real-time GPS tracking application that can be used anytime and anywhere. The tool uses GPS and network locations, the system can use the SMS command to track the exact location that will be displayed on the map.

Keep in mind that you can find your lost family members using this tool, but only if you care about them and check if the app is up to date or not. That’s not a hard job, and having updated applications, especially in Android, should be a priority. In many cases, the app can stop working with newly added features and Android improvements.

So, if you take your child’s smartphone and check the system updates, it can take a few minutes at a maximum, and that’s it. Your loved one will have a working app that helps him stay connected and found online and offline.

You can block applications that your child shouldn’t use normally. Or, you can block specific websites, and even chat applications. This is a good cell phone tracker that will protect your child’s life by blocking the source of the danger.

It’s easy to see the exact location on the map, and you will be able to monitor everything on your child’s cell phone and location.

If you combine the tracking device with the application that will be installed on the cell phone, you will get the best personal GPS localization and monitoring system. However, you can only use the mobile app that works the same as the device, and it will be hidden as an application.

Thousands of parents prefer the cell phone tracking app for flexibility and easy use. The child will never feel the need to remove that tracking device that makes him limited in his own freedom.

It’s recommended to use an app, but, let the child know that you can see where he went on the map. I hope that this helped. If you’ve used any other device or app, you can share them with us in your comments.

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