Best Websites to Buy Premium WordPress Themes for your Blog

WordPress dominates up to 45% of the world’s websites and blogs. It has become the most popular blogging platform and a powerful content management system that works with any niche. At the same time, it’s not easy to find the good premium WordPress themes that you need with high quality and advanced features.

You can find thousands of sites claiming they sell good templates and themes. However, not all of them update their themes periodically, and the big problem is that lots of themes are risky especially the free ones.

Today, I’m going to show my recommended sites to buy premium quality themes for WordPress, they are original products from trusted companies, and some of them were created especially for WordPress.

Premium WordPress themes with high quality

1. Template Monster

Template Monster is the largest and the oldest place to find themes, templates, and all the web design elements, for all platforms. WordPress themes were created especially by professionals, and not just by any designer. That’s why business owners and serious bloggers prefer this marketplace to find the greatest themes that come optimized for SEO, and also for the user experience.

The coolest thing about these themes is the layout and the psychology of colors that attract more customers and boost sales smartly for your business.

2. StudioPress

StudioPress is the company behind the famous Genesis theme framework. It’s popular for many reasons, Genesis is a fully customized theme framework. It lets people edit and change everything in the theme. The StudioPress themes gallery contains all the themes that were built on Genesis. They are optimized for SEO, and most importantly, they are clean themes.

That means themes with faster loading time for the sites and fewer requests to the server. The company organizes its themes by category. So, you can choose the right theme for these categories:

  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Magazine Style
  • Photography
  • Real estate themes

That makes things easier when searching for a specific theme that works with a specific niche.

Another good thing to mention here is that these child themes include what you need exactly for your site. No more codes that you never need; you can just add any function you need later if you’re building a specific website. That’s what makes these recommended WordPress themes super fast, easy to use, and clean at once.

Actually, there are 51 premium themes. All themes come with the Genesis framework. Most themes are HTML 5 markup that adds value to the search engine optimization. Google, for example, uses the Markup structure to understand the content and extract needed details to show them on the search result page.

You should also know that all the themes are fully responsive, which means that the website layout will be automatically optimized to work with any device, such as mobile phones, and tablets.

You can use the themes for unlimited websites, and get lifetime updates with professional support. You also get access to detailed tutorials built exclusively for their members. Please remember that these are only themes for WordPress. If you’re searching for other platforms, use the other recommended places to get premium themes here

3. Web Savvy Marketing

This is an awesome company that customizes the Genesis themes and builds professional, but very specific Genesis child themes. If a blogger, for example, is looking for a WordPress marketing theme, then, this is the right place. Their themes were created especially for each niche market.

These are attractive themes that need your attention, simply, because no one else is building Genesis themes at that high quality.

These good child themes require the Genesis parent theme to be installed on your site. That’s why their prices are cheaper compared to StudioPress, which comes with the framework.

4. Diythemes

This is another powerful WordPress company that builds professional, responsive themes. They have a strong theme builder tool, caller Thesis. It’s similar to Genesis, but it’s a visual builder. You can create a custom theme from scratch by using that framework. These themes are optimized for speed and SEO and, most importantly, for a better user experience.

DiyThemes comes with Google and Bing webmaster verification boxes. You can do that by installing your codes, and it’s done. No more plugins or edits to verify your site. At the same time, you get a ready Google authorship implementation, and you just need to paste your Google URL, and the theme does the rest.

The good news is that you can add any function you need. You can learn how to install tools called boxes, which are plugins or add-ons, for Thesis themes, and you can do awesome things such as:

  • Email subscription box
  • Call to action
  • Social media profiles
  • Social badges, and much more

There are free boxes to use and other premium boxes for professional use. Skins are also one of their greatest features, they are child themes to install easily in the parent framework, and that also makes the themes load fast even with extra functions.

As you can see, this theme does not require any technical knowledge or coding skills. All you have to do is to drag and drop page elements such as the header, and the footer, and add their custom CSS. There are lots of tutorials on the DIYthemes website to do all that.

You can get a skin or build your own design by following simple steps in their tutorials. This is a well-coded theme, and popular sites are using it to have well-structured and coded websites.

5. Rocket Theme

Rocket Theme is another recommended premium themes club for WordPress and other open-source applications. They build high-quality themes for all platforms with plugins and extensions. This company has its own theme framework that can be used to customize themes and extend their functions.

The best part is that they offer a membership subscription plan to access all their themes and get support and updates. What makes Rocket Theme different as a website to buy premium quality themes for WordPress is the professional and attractive designs. No one else uses their beautiful designs and amazing animations, actually.

The majority of these premium WordPress themes come with beautiful animation effects, powerful CSS buttons, and well-coded functions.

These premium themes for WordPress work well with all niches, they are optimized for SEO, and you can use them with confidence in your blog or website also.

6. ThemeForest

ThemeForest is the largest theme marketplace, where designers expose their themes, and webmasters find high-quality themes for WordPress and other platforms. Actually, you can find thousands of good WordPress themes with professional designs, coding, and layouts that work well with any niche.

Popular designers sell well-coded themes exclusively for ThemeForest, and that’s good for people who need unique designs. You can also contact the seller directly, exchange messages, and send reviews. It’s a marketplace with millions of members from all countries.

This trusted WordPress theme marketplace is owned by the famous Adobe Systems. So, you just need to browse their themes and be fully protected by one of the largest companies in the world. You can also find other WordPress tools like plugins and designs, such as graphics and logos. In other words, it’s all in one WordPress marketplace.


These are the best websites to purchase the best WordPress themes in the world. Of course, there are many others, and I’ll add them here later when reviewing their quality, and how they help their members. I just want to recommend what I’ve used or use actually and trust.

If you have experience with other companies or popular designers, please let us know. That’s good for all.

Please make sure to visit your best website that sells themes for WordPress using the above list and browse their tutorials. You will get exclusive access to lots of customizations from each theme, or framework builder, and apply them to your theme. Creating a good-looking and optimized website for speed and SEO is what you need to rank your web pages higher in search engines.

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