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Great Plugin to Track Social Media Shares, Tweets, and Likes in WordPress

The social media measurement is the only way to know what your website is doing on the web, and you can see how many people are sharing your posts, and even whom like them. The hard thing to monitor social media mentions and shares is the right way to succeed your online business these days.

There is a premium and professional WordPress plugin called Social Metrics Pro that make things easy to manage. The popular internet markets are using this social media tracking plugin to optimize their WordPress sites for better conversions and more shares.

The plugin is actually the only professional tool that crawl social media sites to find every share and like, for your links. Then, it brings the statistics in a beautiful dashboard.

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Professional WordPress social media analytics plugin

Social Metrics Pro is simply, the best social media metrics tools for WordPress marketers and business owners. They will find and track every Facebook like, share, and click on their social media accounts including Twitter, Pinterest and also Google Plus.

If you’re using social media for business, you should know the best accounts that your website gets more mentions from them. Then, you can work on the other networks that bring fewer benefits. This great plugin shows you all the shares, tweets, pings and Google plus mentions.

So, you can see the good social signals in green color, and the few shares in red color, and that means, you need to give your site more signals for that social media network.

When people invest their money with Facebook and Twitter, they can’t  find exactly how to track their social media success all over the web. Every website has its own  structure and not all the social media monitoring tools can crawl the site, as Google exactly.

In the end, you’re working to get better ranking on Google search, and not only to see the total number of mentions and likes.

That’s why using this plugin is the only way to see your twitter analytics exactly as Google tracks it. Of course, you can track Facebook and all the other networks.

How to Track Social Media Metrics on WordPress

There are no social media metric secrets that people use, to get their sites ranking on the first page of Google. All happens naturally if they have lots of followers and shares. The successful social media manager should know exactly the networks that bring more shares and sales, in the end.

Unlike many other tools, Social Metrics Pro shows you how your content and posts are performing in social networks in real-time. It tracks social media mentions, based on real crawling and statistics.

Best of all, the plugin shows you detailed statistics about your posts. In your social media metrics dashboard, you can see the posts that performs well, that they don’t need more work, and the other posts with fewer shares that need more work.

Furthermore, you can export the data in Excel format and manage it as you want. So, you get what posts exactly you need to optimize in order to get more traffic after ranking on a better Google position.

Now, you know how to track your WordPress social media metrics and analytics, including:

  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Pins
  • Tweets
  • Retweets
  • Favorites
  • Google Pluses, and much more

But remember to work on your content first, it’s the only way that can guarantee the best results in social media. If people find a blog post useful, they will share it with their friends. So, give people a reason to help you to get more social media signals, by offering helpful content.

If you have products to share, make sure to use the Facebook Open Graph, and the twitter settings to let these networks crawl your site, and show every post data exactly as you want.

You can use the Yoast plugin that lets you add a custom description for your posts, when people share them on Facebook and Google plus. You can also add your custom image that will appear on every shared link on these networks.

If you need to track your affiliate links directly from your WordPress dashboard, you can use the Linktrackr plugin that will make a powerful combination with Social Metrics Pro. Thus, you get real optimization from your social accounts and links, but also, you can see your affiliate links that need more optimization or work.

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