Video Recording for WordPress Visitors in Real Time

If you have a WordPress website and you want to track your visitors in real-time, you will never find working tools. However,  after a long search, I’ve found a premium WordPress plugin called WPClicks.

It tracks visitors and records their visits in a video, so you can, then sees every single click on your blog or website, and how your visitors are browsing your posts one by one and exactly as it is.

When people use a heat map WordPress plugin, they only get a small percentage of the statistics that they need. Not all the clicks are tracked, and the result is not as good as people talk about it. The other tracking plugins work only with screen capturing, and they save the heatmap only and hope that they give real help.

Track your website visits with screen video

WPClicks is a full recording tool that tracks all the WordPress visits and saves them. You can watch your visitors in real-time, and that’s a powerful way to see what your visitor is clicking on your pages, and what makes them want to leave.

The plugin takes a full video capture from the beginning to the end of the visits. Then, the visit record will be saved with the browser information, the IP address, and all the other details and statistics that webmasters needs.

This tool is a really helpful tool, especially for eCommerce websites that need optimizations for their content and layouts. If you notice that your visitors are closing the page, and never back again, then, make sure to see how exactly they’ve opened your website page, and what links they’ve clicked.

Watch live visits recording of your visitors

The goal of this plugin is not spying on people, or to know how they’re browsing your website. But, it makes things clear for you, and it shows you the visit from the beginning to the end.

So, you can see if the visitor is clicking specific links, and neglect the others, or similar things that can affect your business. You have total control over the plugin settings, and you can adjust them as you need.


Increase your website conversation

Before making changes to your layout or theme design, make sure to install and activate this plugin, and see the user experience. It will give you lots of information that no one else can offer. Even, Google Analytics is only giving basic tracking with visits and duration, but, you never see how people interact with your website.

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That’s why using this great WordPress plugin is the smartest way to find what you should optimize on your website, and what things you need to work on. If your pricing tables receive few clicks, for example, then make them bigger and better with attractive colors and designs.

If you see that no one is scrolling down to the footer of your site, then, make sure to find the button or the links that lowered the conversion. There is no other tool that can offer real statistics about your customers and what they are doing when visiting your product pages.

Thus, you will increase the sales and give your users a better layout that makes them happy readers first, and satisfied customers second.

Record unlimited visits and videos

The average visit duration for a website is less than two minutes, and that will let you save lots of videos for any given period, without affecting your disk space. If you have enough storage space, you can store an unlimited number of videos, and then, browse them one by one, to see your site activities.

When you want to see your recorded visits, log in to your WordPress admin area, and then click on the plugin link to see the lists of videos, that represent every single session on your site.

This recommended WordPress analytics plugin comes with a goals option that lets you create your own goals and find them later in the report. It’s like the Google Analytics goals, but with videos and click tracking, this time. You can filter the statistics or visits by computer, operating system, screen resolutions, traffic source, and much more.

WPClicks is my recommended tracking plugin for WordPress users, especially, the e-commerce sites with product pages. The tool shows you hidden statistics that no one can tell you in detail. It’s easy to install and activate and no coding is required to use it.

It’s a WordPress tool that makes life easier and better, and you will look behind the visitor’s visit, to understand how to make your site better.

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