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When bloggers and business owners want to create custom pages in WordPress, they simply, hire designers for that job. On the other side, they can do the job themselves in a few minutes and even better.

Of course, not all the WYSIWYG Theme editor plugins work the same for WordPress, only the Velocitypage tool works in real-time on the page that you want to edit. It comes with lots of options to build landing and sales pages and much more.

You can add your custom page layout and insert popular email marketing services in your pages. The good thing is that the plugin works without coding knowledge. You can design your own website, and all you have to do is to drag and drop elements, such, like images, videos, text, and any other type of content. Then,  and edit the layout and see how it works at the same time.

Complete Drag and Drop theme builder for WordPress

Build your own professional landing pages

Easily, you can create your fully customized landing pages. That will bring you lots of intention and sign-ups, the WYSIWYG WordPress theme editor lets you drag and drop the page elements, and all you have to do is to look if your design is good, or it needs some additional word.

You don’t need to save the template and preview it on the page. That’s not the case here, as you’re building pages in real-time and what you see is what you get.

This top-rated plugin work with Aweber and Mailchimp email marketing services. It’s a matter of minutes to build awesome and professional landing pages in WordPress. Don’t waste your money with design services if you can create a page for yourself, it will save you money and time.

Furthermore, you don’t need a WordPress landing page plugin, of course, and you can find lots of them, but, the only one that lets you build the page as you want without any coding is Velocitypage. It’s all in a one-page builder plugin for any WordPress website and it has thousands of real reviews.

 WYSIWYG WordPress theme editor

Build your own sales pages

The Velocitypage is a WordPress WYSIWYG theme editor that offers all the tools that you need to start building powerful sales pages. They will convert well if you have a good product, of course. It’s not easy to build the code for a full sales page and then, work on layouts and more options to customize.

Luckily, what you build and create will look the same when your customers visit your page. Just use the elements and add them one by one, as you need. Then, add your images using the “media” box or pricing tables, or what you want to add using shortcuts directly in your page, and it’s done.

This visual WordPress theme editor plugin comes with eight different layouts to choose from when you build pages. You can select the right layout for the right section of the page, or the full content. It’s the best WordPress sales page plugin if you can spend some minutes editing and adding your content, including images, videos, text, and more.

Wysiwyg Theme Editor

Product launch pages

Normally, people spend lots of money when they have a new product, and they want to create a professional page for it. With this WYSIWYG WordPress theme builder, that integrates directly into the theme, and bring all the custom design functions to your page, you can show your product as you want exactly, using this drag and drop WordPress plugin.

If you need to show something different from your competitors, then hire a professional designer, or simply, use the Velocity Page plugin that will make things easier for you. Spend some minutes with your page, add and design elements, then, you will be able to create your own product launching pages.

Webinar landing page builder

Lots of business owners think that creating a webinar page needs lots of time and coding skills. So, they hire developers who work hard to build a simple page that anyone can create in a few minutes.

All they have to do is to add their images and videos and the information needed for every webinar, and that’s it. This recommended WordPress plugin is the perfect tool that lets people show their skills without coding.

Create your own “about me” page

If you’re in the need of professional but unique “about me” pages on blogs, then, use this plugin that makes things easy. It’s a powerful Wysiwyg theme editor that makes the changes in real-time, and you can build any layout you want, and add the content that you have, without limitations.

The other drag and drop plugins work only in the WordPress admin area, in the post editor, but, this one works on the page itself.

As you can see the Velocitypage is the best WYSIWYG editor for WordPress. It’s a complete page builder that you can use to create your own blog theme and layout in a few minutes.

It works without coding and that’s why it’s highly recommended for WordPress beginners who need to save money when they have lots of works and projects to manage. People can edit their pages in real-time and apply the changes, without clicking a button. That’s the real beauty of this drag and drop page builder plugin.

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