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If you have a project and you need a custom and professional logo for your business or website, then, you already know that lots of companies scam people, and offer low-quality designs.

In many cases, web design companies use software to build their customer’s logo, based, on some predefined needs, such as color, and more. You will end with a logo that looks the same as thousands of other sites if you compare them.

That’s simply because you’ve got a logo that was created by a design generator software. The good news is that there are a few trusted logo maker companies that work with real freelance logo designers, with portfolio and experience.

My first recommended service is 48hourslogo. This is not a company like the others who care about their money and forget your business, but, a trusted logo design competition website that you will love.

Professional and fast logo design contest service

Everyone can start their own freelance logo design contest, and the good news is that the number of concepts on average, is more than 20. That makes things better for you to choose the best logo that suits your project type and needs.

There are other big companies with millions of members, but remember that many of them are scammers, and they just pay a small percentage to their designers or take the money of the contest maker on other cases.

That’s why I recommend the 48hourslogo service because I know what they’re doing, and how they do the business logo design competition. They work with real designers and the result is always amazing, and better than the customer’s needs and expectations.

The logo concepts will start in a few hours, in the majority of cases. Then, and you can start comparing them with your needs, and select a winner that will send you your logo file with its legal ownership.

Don’t make the same mistake that other people still doing when they search for logos for sale. That seems the easiest way if you can’t have your own company logo design. But, remember that every company or website logo should be different and created, to look professional in the eyes of your customers.

The professional logo needs work-based, on the niche of your business and some creative ideas from designers who will apply to win the contest. Look at the following examples of their creative logo jobs that they’ve done professionally.

Best Logo Design Contest Site

This is the best logos design company, but also, they are trusted and offer professional graphic designs, to build amazing and unique logos for business owners and websites. At the same time, they create website designs like web pages, banner ads, applications, and more.

Furthermore, they create print designs for T-shirts, brochure design, and more. That’s without talking about the high quality of their designers’ work, based on the customer’s needs and notes. The designers have their own design inspiration, and you will be amazed by the professionalism.

When it comes to professional and fast, but also, a cheap logo design contest, this service the top-rated service. It’s the one that suits your budget to save money, without affecting the logo quality. You can start your project from $29 and that’s a cheap logo design contest that a few companies offer.

Of course, you can control your contest price if you want to get more concepts. When you select a winner and you receive your own custom logo, the ownership of that design will be transferred to you at 100%, and that’s protected by law.

You can take a look at their designer’s page and see their amazing work. Every designer has his own profile that shows you the logo and designs that he/she won and made. You will be amazed by the quality, the designers are classified by the number of sales, and you can also see their ratings and reviews.

You don’t need any logo design contest review elsewhere, you can see real reviews from real customers. That’s not like the other sites that create their fake reviews. This is the best logo design contest website with real designers, and people who you can contact and communicate with them.

If you need an amazing and professional business logo design for your brand or company, then, take a look at their designers’ works, and see if that’s what you need or not. In the end, you will find that their designers are the best among other sites, and unlike the others, they create unique logos made just for you.

Take a look at the below unique examples from one of their top designers’ portfolios.

business logo design

As you can see, these are a few works only that the best online logo design company can offer.

Other logo and web design services with contests

The second logo design service that I recommend is DesignCrowd. It’s a big logo design marketplace with thousands of designers from around the world, and you can get lots of concepts for your project.

The logo creation will take a longer time than the above website, but, it’s also of good quality. You can get your premium quality logos in a few days in general.

If you’re lucky, your logo concepts will be ready in less than 24 hours, and you can start picking a winner. This company works on all web design services, such as logos, banners, business card projects, PowerPoint designs, and much more.

At the same time, this trusted and recommended logo design company have a good WordPress design service that includes theme creation and modifications.

Please make sure to create your own ideas about the logo, even before posting your contest project. That will give you the ideas to add them as notes. A designer who will apply your notes will work and create special changes as needed.

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