Looking for a way to fix the Dropbox error 403 when you try to log in? And you found some messages like access denied sometimes? So, keep reading, in this guide, I’ll show you how to get rid of the 403 forbidden access is denied with Dropbox account login.

Dropbox is one of the top cloud storage service providers trusted by millions of people and companies. However, it seems that their website has issues with most browsers and especially with Google Chrome and Firefox. The famous Error (403) stops users to log in to their accounts and manage their files.

The big problem is that when you check your login details, you will find them correct. However, you can’t log in again to your account, and the site keeps getting the forbidden error, every time you want to access.

Here is what you get in general as error messages:

403 forbidden access is denied

Fixing the Dropbox error 403

The famous Dropbox error 403 issues happen in Windows 7, or 8, 10, Windows phone, and mobile phones in general. But, the problem can also happen with iOS and other operating systems.

Error (403) in Dropbox

The problem is your web browser cookie settings or the Dropbox cookies themselves. To solve and fix the problem, you just need to delete the Dropbox cookies from your browser. That way, you will access your account again, this will work in the majority of cases.

How to delete Dropbox cookies from your browser?

For Google Chrome, click the options menu at the top right corner of your browser, and choose “Settings”, as the below screenshot.

delete google chrome cookies for one site

Now, you will get the settings page, and you need to scroll down and click on “Advanced Settings.”

delete cookies

Then, click on “Content Settings” in the privacy section, as the below screenshot.

content settings

You will get a pop-up window with options and a list of settings, just click on “All cookies and site data.”

site cookies

Now, search for “Dropbox” in the search box, at the top of the pop-up and delete all the entries that include the word “Dropbox”. Next, save the two windows to apply the changes.

delete dropbox cookies

Finally, visit Dropbox again, and you will be able to log this time. It’s a cookie issue and you need to clear your browser data the next time, or simply, use this method to remove the cookies manually, you will need the same thing every time you get an error.

You can read how to remove the website cookies in Firefox. On the other side, for Windows Phone, read this page to delete cookies and browser cache.

If you’re using Safari, then, the safest and easiest way is to clear all the website data, including cookies. For that, click “Safari” at the top left area of your browser, just next to the Apple logo. Then, click on the fourth option called “Clear history and website data”. Finally, close and open the browser again and try to login to your Dropbox account.

As you can see, it’s just a cookie problem that makes people out of their accounts during hours, or even, days, if they never want to clean their browser data. This will not fix all the future problems, but you need to repeat the same step every time you have the Dropbox Error 403 issues logging to Dropbox.

They should work on this problem and fix it as soon as possible. People who save important data and backups in their accounts, and they need to have access all the time without errors.

If you’ve solved your problem in another browser, especially, on smartphones, please share your ideas and your comment and help the others who have the same issues. Dropbox is great, but sometimes, things can look out of control for users who care about their sensitive data.

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