4 Things that Every New Blogger Must Have to Succeed

Every new blogger needs to have some basic things to start with. I’m not talking about the hosting or the theme, they’re the first things that every blog needs, but, I’ talking about, patience, work, Google, and the blogging platform that they must use.

That way, you will be able to create a good blog, and make it successful, if you avoid the common mistakes, and focus on the quality of your posts.

1. Patience

There is no way to succeed online without spending thousands of hours searching, and optimizing things. The simplest and well-created blog post need hours, at least, but, when it comes to making money from a blog, you have to be patient. Forget all the ”overnight” things that never happens.

Things that Every New Blogger Must Have

Blogging needs a few months, at least, to build a strong content that rank in search engines, and that drive real traffic. I’ll say six months, at least, will be enough, but remember, you have to post frequently and that’s what guarantees the success.

2. Hard work

As any other things in life, to succeed, you should work hard. To create a good blog, you need to worry about the designs, then, create the best layout that works with your audience, and finally, you need to do all the other things related to creating the content.

Hard work for blogging

As I said earlier, some posts need one hour to complete, but, others need a half day to make them look as you want. In other words, blogging is an art that needs lots of work, and if you don’t have the work, no one will read your posts, and of course, Google, and all the other search engines will never rank your posts.

So, prepare yourself to work hard and spend hours and hours writing and editing. That’s the only way to succeed with blogging with your own work.

3. WordPress

Lots of people still confused about the blogging platform to use, but, they will make the biggest mistake if they forget WordPress. It’s not only the easiest software that you can install on any server, but also, the professional tool that makes the life easier for all. WordPress can be installed in a few seconds, using a free automatic installer application.

Nowadays, the modern hosting providers offer that software for free, and you don’t have to waste your time with installations.

Of course, people can tell you about other platforms like Tumblr and more, but, none of them works like WordPress. It lets you manage everything and own the blog at 100%. No one can access your files and modify them.

Best of all, you can optimize the blog files for speed and best management, using the file manager that every cPanel hosting includes.

4. Google

You can drive traffic using any source like social media, and even, comments. However, when it comes to real target and high-quality traffic, Google is the only source of traffic that you need. Millions of people visit the Google homepage every day, and they search for solutions, and how to do everything that they want.

If you provide the best answers, or at least, the good content that help and that’s unique, you will get traffic and people will visit your posts and read them.

What you need to learn about Google is the way the rank websites, make sure to read their webmaster Guidelines and what they suggest to make your website looks better. Every single tip from Google will help, and protect your content from dangers.

At the same time, ensure the quality of your content, by reading the latest Google updates that will help. In many cases, Google modifies the way they rank webpages, and missing an important information is not a good choice in these days.

Don’t focus on SEO and kill yourself to understand it, SEO is changing every day, and the basics are what you need. Just looks at the tips that Google offer, apply them as they are, and you will be safe from the future algorithm updates and even problems. But, the main idea is that you really need Google as the main source of traffic.

Please forget social media in the beginning. You will waste your time and effort managing profiles that never bring the right traffic. Facebook and the other sites are good to be social and discuss everything, but, not to promote a specific product or service that no one will buy.

Never compare yourself with big marketers, they spend thousands of dollars in a single day with Facebook or Twitter ads. They have the resources to promote whatever they have. But, if you follow them from the beginning, you will lose lots of things.

So, build a great content, understand the Google tips and use WordPress as the platform. Everything else will come naturally, and you will learn it in your way. Good luck.

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