11 Facts and Statistics about WordPress That are Surprising

WordPress is not a simple blogging software like many people think, but, it’s a complete CMS that lets you build any type of website that you want. If you have a small idea about WordPress, then, you will be amazed how much, people love blogging with WordPress.

So, make sure to understand these statistics and compare them to other blogging platforms if you want. But, the main idea is that a few people know these amazing facts about WordPress.

WordPress facts and statistics

Amazing WordPress facts
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77 Million WordPress website

The total estimated number of websites that uses WordPress is over 77 million. That’s without counting blogs that aren’t using the JetPack plugin installed. That means, more sites are not using the official WordPress statistics and the number should be higher than that. The software powering, at least, 22 million of the total number of websites in the world.

You can find the top WordPress plugins.

116 WordPress versions and still counting

From the year 2003 until October 2014, there are 116 WordPress versions. Some of them are maintenance updates, and others are completely new versions. Imagine the work behind that big number of updates.

Personally, I know some applications that haven’t been updated for years, WordPress continues the great work and publish, at least, a new version each month, it’s more secure and more powerful.

61 Million post every month

From the official statistics, WordPress announces that there are exactly 61.8 million new posts published in September 2014, and the number goes higher every month. So, imagine what that will be in the next few years. It’s a huge platform with a large number of information.

55 Million new comments per month

That’s normal if you consider that the majority of blogs are new, and without comments. But, that number will be larger in the next years, when new blogs will be created and the actual sites become popular with more comments. WordPress is a simple platform to share comments and that’s what builds connections, and even, trust for sites.

Over 409 Million reader

Remember that I’m talking about WordPress only, a half billion people are reading WordPress sites each month. Some of them are new readers, and the other are returning visitors and fans for millions of blogs.

16.3 Billion page views per month

WordPress sites receive that huge number of page views, and that’s incomparable with any other blogging platform. It’s the official number from the JetPack statistics plugin. That means more page views are not counted, because the tool is not installed on other sites.

You can see the global WordPress actions in real-time

WordPress uses its own statistics system to get information about how many people comments, share, or post in real-time. You can visit these statistics to find that millions of people are doing at the moment, by commenting on blog posts, or doing whatever they do on WordPress.

You can see the map from Google, every White point represents a new post. The green points represent the comments, and the Yellow ones show the ”Likes” given for those posts.

WordPress actions in real time

Sites that you don’t know they’re built on WordPress

Of course, WordPress is an advanced system to create strong and organized sites. Look at these websites that uses WordPress.

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, Ford, New York University Library, CNN, Harvard Law School, Ben & Jerry, People Magazine, NASA, General Electronic (GE), Gigaom, CNN Political Tracker, AllThingsD, MTV Newsroom, I Can Has Cheezburger?, Time Magazine (blogs), Spotify, NFL, Honda, Nikon Pressroom, Lexus, TED, BBC Top Gear, Pepsi, Harvard Gazette, TechCrunch, GOOD, Startup Weekend, Undergraduate Admissions for Boston University, Jay-Z, National Geographic, The Toledo Museum of Art, Forbes, The Official Star Wars Blog, Kobe Bryant,SearchEngineLand, Carnival Cruise Line News, Herman Miller, Groublogpon for Groupon, Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, Administrative Conference of the United States, Her Royal Majesty (Paris-based literary arts magazine), Mixergy, Boing Boing, Courvoisier Cognac, PAC-MAN, Joe DiMaggio, AIGA Portland, United Nations University, Lollapalooza, Jack LaLanne – Blog,Reader’s Digest, Beetle Bailey, Foursquare, CBS New York, The Economist (Chinese version), Kim Kardashian, Marines Magazine,Adobe Blogs, Best Buy, Inside BlackBerry,, Mozilla, Ebay, Wired,

Samsung, Yahoo!, Flickr, Web Worker Daily, Le Monde Newspaper, Number 10 Downing Street, Justin Bieber, Bata, Coca-Cola France...

The Word that receives more searches than all other Blogging Platforms

I wanted to see how many people are searching Google for the term ”WordPress”, and what amazed me is that WordPress is the only search term that continue growing every year. Drupal, Joomla and Blogger receive fewer searches every year.

It seems that people are no longer interested in other applications or platforms. Just look at the below result from the Google trends.

WordPress searches

Malaysia is the first country that searches for WordPress

From the same Google trends page, you can see that WordPress receives the most searches on Google from Malaysia. The second is Indonesia and the third is Singapore. This is normal if you consider the fast growing and development of these countries. It seems that the majority of new blogs are created by people from these countries.

Only 8.9% of sites use the latest WordPress version

This is a surprising percentage. Normally, people should take care about their installations, and stay up to date. However, the new version of WordPress 4.0 is used on only 8.9% of sites, and that’s why hackers found the platform a huge opportunity to use.

WordPress Versions

The other percentages use older versions that can be a real source of danger to their data and businesses. As WordPress is an easy to use platform, it comes with a few things to correct on each version, and being up to date is the only way to stay safe.

If you have other statistics or fact to share with us, you can use the comment section or just send them to me and I’ll be happy to add them.

I just want to add that these statistics are covering both, the free, and the self-hosted WordPress. That means all the blogs and site that uses the application with the Jet Pack and stats enabled.

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