Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Make Money

To find affiliate niches and make money without being scammed, you have to promote only programs that you personally use or trust, for good reasons. I’ve selected affiliate marketing niches that you can promote and earn extra income, but, keep in mind that you have to work hard to succeed. Everything needs lots of traffic to give results.

The best affiliate marketing product can make you money when you recommend it to your readers if you have a website or a blog. Or, you can add a banner in the right place without affecting the visitor’s experience.

The below niches are tested, and you can get success with them. If you don’t have a website to bring traffic, you can use advertising or other marketing ways, or simply, create good content and optimize your site for SEO. In the long term, you will succeed in these niches.

Web hosting

Web hosting is the new hot affiliate niche that people forget, or even, neglect. If you think that web hosting is just to earn some dollars, then, think again. Web hosting companies, and especially, those that support WordPress, can bring you thousands of dollars each month. But, the only requirement is to promote your preferred companies that you trust and have experienced, and to promote this niche, if you have a blog about web design or WordPress, this is the best way to get affiliates.

If you just want to promote this affiliate marketing niche with an advertising network. My personally tested and great web hosting affiliate program is WP Engine. They speed up WordPress blogs with their professional services, and you can’t find at the moment another company more professional than it.

WordPress themes

If you’re not a WordPress user or fan, you’re missing a huge potential market and income source. WordPress themes can make you thousands of dollars each month, of course, if you have lots of traffic to your website or blog. Actually, WordPress runs on 77 million websites worldwide, and you can imagine the next number that will be much higher.

If you have a blog, a website, or an email marketing list, you can promote the best themes. But, the real secret here is to promote the best of the best, that maximize your earnings because of the trust that big companies have.

If you don’t want to waste your time with low-quality themes that no one will buy, you should promote StudioPress Premium Themes. They are the number one company for WordPress themes, and it’s easy to make money with them. The average theme price is $92, and you make 35% of that, and that’s a good profit.

For WordPress theme builders, you have only one program to promote and make money. It’s a high-quality WordPress drag-and-drop theme builder, with lots of trust, and it’s well-known. With the Ultimatum theme, you can try the plugin before promoting it; it’s awesome and attracts attention.


If you browse some forums or the Yahoo Answers community, you can find thousands of people who ask questions, and even ask, for products that solve their health problems. So, this is a large opportunity to promote affiliate programs for the health niche. But, the problem here is the competition; thousands of marketers promote the same product in the same places, especially, the big websites. And you don’t want to be a spammer. Just recommend when you should do that.

To succeed with this niche, you have to advertise your links on medium blogs and sites, to avoid the high competition, and get sales.

Like any other niche, health programs can make you lots of money, if you choose the right products and promote them in the right place. But, if you have a health blog, you can succeed without problems, just create good content related to your visitors and put some links there.

At the same time, test products before promoting them, or, if you can’t, ask some friends or people you trust about that product. That way, you can be sure that you promote trusted affiliate niches, and help your visitors and not just make money from them with low-quality programs.

Money making

Please avoid the spam ways to promote any program. Also, you should try the site before recommending it, there are thousands of money-maker spammers, and you need to stay away from them. People are searching for new ways to make money from their homes. They will browse your articles and join your affiliate offers if they are interested.

The best advice to succeed with this type of marketing is, to be honest with your customers, or blog visitors. Just promote only the products that you personally trust, or used before. This will build good relations with your visitors, and they will be returning customers.

Trust is everything to succeed, I saw many new bloggers promoting thousands of affiliate products from niches that they never used or even trusted. Please stay away from scammers like the survey sites, and similar ones. Most, if not all, of them are scam sites, they make money for telling people wrong promises, and your rule is to warn them and recommend the best programs only.

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