The biggest challenge that new bloggers and webmasters get from the first days is to get traffic from search engines and monetize their content. But, thousands of people still believe in old spammy strategies, and make the same mistakes again and again, even without taking a look at their backgrounds, you’re not the only one in the world who ask himself, can I get organic traffic without inbound links? Or any other similar question.

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The truth is that no one of the popular bloggers has used 100%  legitimate traffic and links when they stated in the last 10 years. Most of them if not all, contacted other bloggers for link exchanges or paid links. You may think that they’re really professional website owners in our days, and you close your eyes and apply their so-called “strategies” to get ranked in Google, and other search engines.

After some weeks or months, you find that no one of their old methods still working today, now, you just wasted your time.

I’m not saying that these bloggers are bad people or scammers, but simply they build their thousands of links in the dark age, when Google was building its algorithm, until the year 2011, it was a very easy ways to get ranked in Google in some days, and get thousands of visitors even with some 200 words as a blog post or articles on directories.

Get Google traffic without  backlinks

Bloggers can easily exchange links at that time, and build relations between them. But all of that is completely changed in our days. Google in  2015 is completely different as a business, and as the algorithm. Applying the old method will give you only one type of result, a penalty that will kill your blogging skills.

Different worlds of blogging

If you take a look at same blogs, you will find that their writers still post articles about building links from directories, or similar sites. Even, some of them will talk about himself, and how he/she succeed from building links using any method.

The dangerous thing is that some of them are not using a date system in their articles. So, you find the article in Google, you read it carefully and then you find that it was written for 7 years!! What a situation you’ve got!.

Now if you tell your favorite bloggers that you spend months of hard work, and got some backlinks, they won’t believe you. The reason is that they started their blogging carrier where it was easy to build links. Now, they can’t see how it’s hard today if they never built another website 100% by themselves. It’s not your mistake to apply their strategies. At the same time, they’re not scammers, but things changes completely and they can’t understand it.

They have millions and can create a blog in a few hours, even they can get thousands of visitors in the first days, because they have the resources.

If the same popular bloggers apply their exact work in our days, no one of them will get even a single dollar income from their work. The majority of their links comes from exchanges or paid links. So, think again before wasting your time, and it will better to verify when the post was published and not updated.

Now, let’s forget big mistakes and give you some blogging tips to succeed.

Building links in our days

No one can say that links are the bad part of the web, Google itself find your blog and pages and what you share through links. This is why links themselves, are what makes the web as it’s today. But, you should understand that Google and other search engines are using hundreds, and even thousands of factors to rank your blog and web pages.

So, the links won’t represent 90% of your ranking factors as it was in the past decade. The other factors are divided between good content, social activities and others that no one can tell you about them.

Yes, you can get traffic with a few natural links

Google as the biggest search engine changed many times the way that web pages are ranked, it becomes more intelligent and can react faster than before with spammers. If’ you’ve just started your blog and want to succeed, you need to create good content that helps people. The only thing that you should never use is building links.

Believe it or not, building links will give you the inverse result in the majority of cases, now you why? Simply, because good content and clever blogger never need links, links come naturally to them. And, if you want to spend your time building spammy links, you never create the content that people are searching for.

The only negative thing that Google still has, is to rank web pages that contains a few information, simply because they have hundreds of thousands of inbound links. I’m sure that you searched for any problem and got a ”mini post” from ”ehow” or other websites.

Sometimes, you find a post that contains a few content, without any tutorial about a problem that needs clear steps to complete, and again they ranked well because of their links that they built in the last years. So, never kill yourself again to get their ranking and even get better SERP than them.

Google itself tried many times to explain to people that they can get good ranking, even with a few or without links at all, (browse Matt Cutts videos on YouTube and you will find many of them).

You need to spend some time with your blog, and optimize your images and content for a better speed. Never expect to get lots of traffic, it comes after a few months, this seems bad news for you, but in the reality it’s a good news. In the last years, websites could rank well, but in the next months their traffic continues dropping everyday, until the point where no one still find them. They spam the web simply.

In our days, you need more time to get traffic, but that traffic will still grow every day, you will see that later.

As you can see, the web has completely changed, and no one can expect what will happen in the next years. You can get visitors, and even lots of them from search engines, even, with zero backlinks. Of course you will get a better result, if you have links, but remember that links come naturally, and you should never use the same methods that people have used when search engines was a simple algorithm that crawl the web for links and can be spammed easily.

Google will be your best friend, just give people good and helpful content, and you will succeed but without spam links. Good Luck.

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