Why Does WordPress Load So Slowly and How to Make it Faster?

If you’ve noticed that your blog loads slowly and you can’t compare it to other fast sites, don’t worry. Generally, the problem can be fixed easily if you investigate and find why does WordPress load so slowly. You need to make your blog load fast for many reasons, including, the visitor experience.

If you have a fast blog, your visitors will come back again and they will remember it in the Google search result. Another good reason is that you can help Google crawlers to find your pages without issues. You should know that very slow pages can affect your ranking.

Causes for slow WordPress website

Theme problems

Your theme is one of the principal factors that can slow your blog. If you have an outdated theme, then you should update it or use another one, this is not an option, but a thing that you should do. Old themes can break your blog without the need to see them.

For example, your theme will send invalid codes, and settings, to web browsers. As a result, they turn an error that slow down your site.

Another important thing about themes, verify that you use only what you need as functions. In modern themes, you can delete not used function, you can browse these function in your theme “function” file. Please forget this step if you don’t have any idea about how to open and edit themes. It’s better to get the help from someone who can do the job without causing more problems.

You can scan your theme to find hidden codes, and URLs that can slow it down. Just install the Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) and the Exploit Scanner and run a test.

Outdated or low coded Plugins

Plugins are what makes WordPress the best blogging platform. You can install as many plugins as you want, but only, when you have a fast server and optimized theme.

No matter if you have one, or 50 plugins, we tested the effect of plugins by number and the impact not higher as expected. The problem is when you install a poor coded, or outdated plugin, the issues become big problems.

The first thing to verify when installing a plugin is to see the number of downloads, and the rating with the last updated date:

Why does WordPress load so slowly

This is just an example of thousands of outdated plugin in the WordPress directory. In general, they work, but they can slow your website if you have many of them, coding is changing everyday, and plugins with good function now become big issues tomorrow.

So, verify if you have many outdated plugins in your blog, and try to replace them with similar plugins but updated regularly.

If you need to install a new plugin, look at the total number of downloads, and compare it the ratings. A good plugin should have a great rating with thousands of downloads.

speed up WordPress

To find which plugin causes the slow loading, you can install the plugin Performance Profiler and run a plugins test. It will tell you all the plugins times, and you can easily find the one that cause the problem and uninstall it.

The server response time

You can’t optimize a blog without a fast server, if you’re using a free web hosting, then, it’s the time to get a professional WordPress web hosting provider. It’s not an option, but a choice that will save your blog from poor quality hosting, with multiple downtimes.

In general, Google developers recommends a response time less than 0.2 second. It’s not a rule, but, an advice from the leader in the Internet. If you’re using a shared hosting, it’s not easy to get that fast response time, so don’t worry about that, but,  if you’re using a premium hosting, then, you should have that response time limit.

Images and blog Background

If you’re using a background image for your site, then, it’s one of the factors that makes your blog too slow. Big images can multiply the normal necessary time to open your blog pages. You can use a simple background texture, and it’s better to be light, but image for a background will slow your blog without doubts. Even, if you compress images, the impact of slow loading will still the same.

How to make images load faster on your website?

For posts and pages, you need to optimize all your images and make them helpful, but not big problems for your visitors. A blog that loads in 30 seconds is not what a surfer need, you can learn how to optimize images in WordPress in easy steps. At the same time, you need to use a CDN service to speedup up the loading time and save the resource on your server. I recommend MaxCDN, they are the best and the cheapest CDN provider.

Pop ups

If you’re one of those who use any of the pop up ads, you’re slowing your site without a doubt. That’s a bad type of ads that makes your blog look like any other thing, but not like a blog. So, verify if you’re using any type of these pop ups and delete them, you will notice an immediate change in your blog loading time.

The above steps will help you find what makes your blog loads slowly. Just follow them and take a look at this post that will show you how to increase WordPress blog speed in 3 steps. You can monitor your blog speed and compare your tests one by one using the Pingdom tools. It’s a good method to find all your server downtimes and response time.

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