How to Reduce the WordPress Database size to Speed up your Blog

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To get the maximum speed for your blog, you need to reduce WordPress database size. This one of the easiest solutions to optimize and clean up your website. This is a very important step that not only will speed up your site and make it faster but also, it will save your bandwidth and the server resources, especially for medium and large size blogs.

It’s not a secret that Google and the other search engines consider your website loading time, and that can affect your ranking in a small percentage. This never means that getting a speed website or blog will boost your ranking, but, it helps crawlers to access your web pages and give a better user experience also.

If your blog loads in more than 10 seconds, you should stop working now and optimize your blog. If you’re happy with your slow pages, then, visitors are not, it’s not a hard job to do in the majority of cases, sometimes you need just to install a plugin or make simple changes in your layout or any other way to work on. At the end, you will notice a better user experience and Google crawlers will access your content faster than before.

Reducing WordPress database size

1. Delete post revisions and optimize your database

As I said reducing WordPress database size is one of the best ways to speed up your blog. WordPress by default saves and create post revisions, and if you have more than hundred of posts, you will notice a slower pages loading caused by unnecessary database tables, so deleting these revisions is the solution you should make.

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The best and safest way to do that is installing the great WordPress Optimize plugin, it’s your blog cleaner and optimizer from today. All you have to do is to activate it and check the options that you want to delete. Of course, this plugin will only show your data, and things that you don’t need and never risk your blog, so don’t worry about your posts and data.

WordPress Optimize suggests you delete things like, post revisions, auto-draft posts and spam comments that are not approved. If you’re one of those who get thousands of spam comments, then, you should delete them.

Reduce WordPress Database Size

You can also enable the auto cleanup option in the plugin settings, it’s a scheduled cleaning that you can set for every week or twice a month, or what you want. Thus, you save time if you have lots of posts and spam comments to delete.

If for any reason, you don’t want to install this plugin, you can disable the post revision option in WordPress by adding the below code in your wp-config.php file.

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

Now you have optimized your blog through MySQL database and you will notice a better loading time and speed. But, remember that the fast hosting provider still the most important thing to have, a fast server can make your blog available all the time and give your visitors a happy experience.

2. Remove unused database tables

This is an option, but a great way to clean your WordPress database from junk data. When you install some plugins, the will create new database tables to store the data, these plugins use a lot of disk space and they can slow down your blog and make everything worse.

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So, even when you remove these plugins, not all of them will remove their associated MySQL database tables, for that reason, you need to delete them manually. However, that can destroy your website if you select the wrong table by mistake. So, make sure to create a backup of your database before doing anything.

I recommend removing the junk database tables directly from PHPMyAdmin, just click on your WordPress database name, then, check the box associated with that table and click “drop” drop-down down option.


By removing the junk tables and compressing your WordPress database size, people will come back and visit your site again, at the same time, it’s a great idea to have a CDN if you have resources of course. Thus, you will give your blog the maximum speed and performance and that will help in your search engine ranking.

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